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Birth Control Options

Choose from Lutera, Trivora or Norethindrone for 12 months of birth control.


A generic combination birth control pill with a low dose of hormones in each active pill.

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A generic combination birth control pill that helps with lighter and less painful periods.

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A generic progestin-only mini pill that does not contain estrogen.

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Offer Terms

The offer to “Get 12 months of birth control of Lutera, Trivora or Norethindrone” (“Offer”) is subject to the following conditions: (a) you must not have previously subscribed to Nurx for birth control; (b) you have been deemed eligible by Power to Decide to receive this Offer and you have and will use a discount code valued at $200 from Power to Decide, to redeem the Offer; (c) you are medically eligible to receive a birth control prescription for one of the two commonly prescribed generic medications, Lutera, Trivora or Norethindrone, that are the subject of the Offer (the “Product”); (d) the Offer is limited to twelve (12) monthly packs of the applicable Product; and (d) you are not using insurance of any type with regard to the Offer. If you are eligible for and accept the Offer, you will receive one shipment of 12 packs of the applicable Product. Twelve (12) months after your redemption of the Offer, you will begin to receive monthly refills of the applicable Product (“Post-Offer Refills”), in accordance with Nurx standard terms and conditions, including being medically eligible for the applicable Product. The Post-Offer Refills are currently $15-$25/month, but subject to change at the time you receive them. You will not be able to use federally funded or state-funded health care program benefits (fee-for-service or managed care), such as but not limited to Medicare (including Part D), Medicaid, TRICARE, and any federal employee health benefits plan, for Post-Offer Refills. You will be able to cancel your automatic Post-Offer refills at any time, in accordance with Nurx’s cancellation terms. This Offer cannot be combined with any other offer and is limited to one per customer. Offer is for a limited time or while supplies last.

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