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The Milex diaphragm is a dome-shaped silicone cup. The cup is inserted in the vagina to help prevent pregnancy. Though most products are available through consultation with a licensed provider, you must have a diaphragm fitting performed by a healthcare professional.

Nurx™ doesn’t offer Milex, but we do carry a wide range of birth control pills, and with your first pack at only $15, there’s nothing holding you back from figuring out which brand is best for you. Want to know more about Milex? Check out the FAQs below.


Caya is a diaphragm contraceptive. The cup is uniquely contoured in comparison with other diaphragms. When inserted, Caya blocks the cervix so sperm can’t reach the egg. A spermicide called Caya Gel is recommended for use with this diaphragm.

Nurx™ doesn’t carry Caya as a birth control option, but if you are interested in checking out a birth control pill for only $15 for your first pack, talk to our team today. Use the FAQs below to help you make informed decisions about what’s right for you.

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