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Essure belongs to a class of contraceptive options that are permanent and irreversible. It is cited as the gold standard in permanent sterilization, Essure is nonmedicinal, and does not release any hormone in the body. Nurx™ doesn’t offer Essure as a birth control option, but if you are interested in finding the most effective birth control solution, you can consult Nurx, an affordable and reliable platform that provides easy access to birth control options. And for only $15 for your first back of birth control pills, why wait?


Nexplanon is a hormonal contraceptive implant that is both safe and reliable for women. Introduced in 2011, Nexplanon has been the preferred choice of patients and medical professionals alike. If you are a woman and you are currently in the process of evaluating your birth control options, you can read more about Nexplanon on Nurx, an affordable and reliable platform providing women easy access to birth control products. We don’t offer Nexplanon as a birth control option but want to help you do your research on the birth control options out here. Check out the FAQ below to learn more or if you’re leaning toward taking birth control pills, chat with our team about how you can get your first pack for only $15.


Implanon is a highly effective and safe hormonal contraceptive classified as a birth implant. It is like a small plastic matchstick that is placed in the arm where it releases the hormone progestin into the body. Conception can take place once Implanon is removed. If you’re interested in finding out about birth control, you can review the different options at Nurx™, a convenient, smart, and affordable option for birth control. We don’t offer Implanon as a birth control option but want to give you the information you need to find the birth control that’s right for you. Interested in birth control pills? Talk to our team today to find out how you can get your first pack for free with insurance.

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