Femcon Fe

Product details

Femcon Fe is one of several generic brands of Ovcon-35, one of the most trusted birth control pills on the market. Here at Nurx, we especially love Femcon Fe for its daily dose of iron — a nutrient that’s important for women in particular. Femcon Fe is best for women under 35 who don’t smoke. Our team at Nurx can prescribe Femcon Fe at special request, or can offer the generic equivalent Balziva for as low as $0 with insurance or as little as $20 without insurance.

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Additional Details

  • Lighter periods
  • Increased menstrual regularity
  • Shorter periods
  • Less painful periods
  • 21 active + 7 inactive
Active Ingredients
  • Ethinyl estradiol (estrogen) [0.035 mg]
  • Norethindrone (progestin) [0.4 mg]
  • Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Do not take if you have a family history of blood clots.
  • Not suitable for smokers over 35.
  • Increased risk for blood clots.
  • Increased risk for stroke and heart attack.
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