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The FC2 Female Condom provides effective protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. We here at Nurx™ want you to understand the specifics of using this hormone-free and nonlatex form of contraception. The only FDA-approved female condom on the market, FC2 is well lubricated and its unique design can even provide pleasure for the user and her partner. We don’t carry female condoms, but we do have a wide variety of birth control pills. Chat with our team today about how you can get your first pack for only $5. Want to know more about the FC2 female condom? Keep reading.

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  • What Exactly Is the FC2 Female Condom?

    Think of it as a sheath or a pouch that measures about six and a half inches long, which is about the same length as the male condom. The female condom is placed inside the vagina.

  • What Is FC2 Made of?

    FC2 is made of nitrile, a strong, thin material that warms up to the body's temperature. On the closed end is a polyurethane ring. The opposite end has a ring that is also made of nitrile.

  • How Is FC2 Inserted?

    Get into a comfortable position — perhaps one you would use to insert a tampon. Squeeze the inner ring and guide it past the pubic bone, leaving it against the cervix. The outer ring should rest flat against the the opening of the vagina. During intercourse, guide the penis into the center of the female condom's opening.

  • When Can FC2 Be Placed?

    FC2 can be inserted up to two hours before intercourse, allowing for uninterrupted intimacy. However, most women insert it two to 20 minutes in advance.

  • Can I Use Lubricant With FC2?

    Yes, oil- or water-based lubricants are OK to use on the inside or outside of FC2 or on the penis. FC2 does come pre-lubricated.

  • Can FC2 Get Pushed Into the Vagina or Get Lost?

    The outer ring is meant to keep FC2 in place, but if it were to get pushed inside the vagina, stop immediately. FC2 cannot get lost — simply relax, use your finger to find the ring, and pull it out. Throw away that FC2 and insert a new condom.

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