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The Milex diaphragm is a dome-shaped silicone cup. The cup is inserted in the vagina to help prevent pregnancy. Though most products are available through consultation with a licensed provider, you must have a diaphragm fitting performed by a healthcare professional.

Nurx™ doesn’t offer Milex, but we do carry a wide range of birth control pills, and with your first pack at only $15, there’s nothing holding you back from figuring out which brand is best for you. Want to know more about Milex? Check out the FAQs below.

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  • What Are the Risks of Using Milex?

    Milex works only if you have the correct size and remember to put it in every time you have sex. It doesn't protect against STDs, so you may want to also use a condom. In very rare cases, some people experience irritation or an allergic reaction to the spermicide being used with their diaphragm.

  • What Are the Benefits of Using Milex?

    Milex diaphragms are reusable and portable. Because it is hormone-free, it can be a good alternative for people who have struggled with the side effects of hormonal birth control in the past.

  • Is Milex Reusable?

    You can use the same Milex diaphragm for up to two years. Wash and air dry your Milex after each use.

  • How Effective Is Milex?

    According to the CDC, diaphragms are about 88 percent effective when used as directed.

  • How Does Milex Work?

    Milex acts as a barrier to the cervix. When used with spermicide, it helps stop sperm from reaching an egg.

  • How Do I Use Milex?

    Insert your Milex (with spermicide applied) up to two hours before you have sex. Don't remove it until at least six hours after having sex. Never leave your Milex in for more than 24 hours.

  • How Do I Get Milex?

    Before writing you a prescription for Milex, a nurse or doctor needs to fit you for the diaphragm to be sure you get the correct size.

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