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A New Look for Nurx

A New Look for Nurx Image
Written by Nurx
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Nurx was founded on a question: why can’t healthcare be affordable and accessible for everyone? Getting everyday healthcare needs like birth control is at best a hassle; at worst, impossible. At Nurx, we believe that everyone deserves to be in full control of their healthcare decisions, without judgement.

As we expand across the country and offer new healthcare services outside of birth control, PrEP, and cervical cancer screening, we wanted Nurx to better reflect the scale of our ambition. And most importantly, highlight the whole reason why we’re here: you, the Nurx community.

Now our new look reflects the bold, brave, and inspiring, demonstrating our commitment to fixing the healthcare system and providing you with the care you deserve.  


Freedom to Live Well

There are three core values when it comes to how we think about healthcare: choice, control, and freedom. Choice, so you know what your full range of options are. Control, so you can decide what’s best for your health and your body. And freedom, so you don’t have to jump through hoops to get the care you deserve.



That’s why we built an all-in-one healthcare company to reach people who are facing steep barriers to essential and time-sensitive care. It is possible to make healthcare more convenient and cost-effective. Here are some of the ways we do it, all the while keeping safety and quality top of mind:

  • Prescriptions delivered to your home in discreet packaging
  • 24/7 access to our medical team so you can ask whatever you want, whenever you want
  • Owning and operating our own pharmacy, which helps us drive down medication costs
  • Accepting insurance if you have it, offering affordable prices if you don’t, and working closely with you if you need payment assistance
  • PrEP and HPV screening from the convenience of your own home

“The freedom to live well”—that’s our promise to you.

It’s a bold rallying cry – no matter who you are, where you live, or what your background is. We’re focused on giving you the freedom to take charge of your own healthcare decisions and live a healthier, happier life on no one’s terms but your own.



Putting Our Community Front and Center

You won’t find models splashed across our website and app. Our actual patients and medical providers are the new face of Nurx, just as they should be! No casting, no retouching. They bring our new look and feel to life by authentically communicating our personality and who we keep top of mind in every decision we make, something that hired models will never be able to achieve.

When we met Christina in Florida a few months ago she shared with us, “First I thought, is this company real?” (Not the first time we’ve heard this!)

Then she shared, “Not having to go and see the doctor in person or wait for an appointment. The ease of getting my birth control in the mail. You need to use Nurx. It’s so easy.”




These stunning photos and stories may grab your attention first, but we’re also excited to roll out five new custom typefaces that reflect our trailblazing spirit while also touching on the familiarity of doctors’ handwriting.



We also felt it was important to be clear and direct about what we offer, and what it looks like. When your HPV test kit arrives in the mail, the swab will be more familiar than foreign object. Before you chat with one of our medical providers, you already have a good idea of what the PrEP pill looks like (yup, it’s blue!), or how the Nuvaring may fit in your hand.




All of this is anchored by a single-minded wordmark that cements our position in the healthcare space. The hand-drawn period underlines our intent: to bring the system as we know it to a close as we write the next chapter in healthcare. Plus it’s a subtle wink to our beginnings with birth control.

The healthcare system is broken. We’re here to fix it. Thank you for being a part of the journey! We can’t wait to show you what’s next.

PS Want to join our movement and be the next face of Nurx? Have some thoughts on our new look and feel? We’re all ears! Email us at [email protected]

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