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How do I get birth control without my parents finding out?

How do I get birth control without my parents finding out? Image

So, you want to know if your parents will find out if you order through Nurx? Here’s some helpful information:

  • We will never give any information about you and your prescriptions to anyone other than yourself. So feel confident that your secret is safe with us!
  • The pills that you choose will be sent directly to you in discrete packages, so no one will know it’s coming from Nurx.
  • If you are covered by your parents’ insurance, you can contact your insurance company and ask them to not give information about your birth control. In some states the insurance company is legally bound to only give the information to you, but in other states you could contact and ask them to not disclose any information to your parents.
  • Not using insurance to cover the cost of birth control? You also have the option to pay-out-of-pocket for birth control with Nurx. There are over 50 different brands starting at just $15 a month (including shipping to your door).
  • The policies regarding contraceptive services are different in each state. Below is a table of the policies for each state.

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