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Nurx Launches in Montana and South Dakota!

Nurx Launches in Montana and South Dakota! Image
Written by Nurx
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Nurx is heading North and Northwest, virtually anyway, because today our medical team will start providing care to the people of Montana and South Dakota.

The ability to access birth control, prescription skincare, migraine treatment, herpes medication, and more from home or on their phones will be appreciated by South Dakota and Montana patients looking for a more convenient or affordable way to get healthcare. Now they can connect with the Nurx medical team online, any time, receive medication and at-home testing in the mail (in discreet packaging) and obtain ongoing support from a medical provider.  Nurx patients have unlimited access to the Nurx medical team, so they can ask questions or request prescription adjustments at their convenience.

Currently many people in both states lack convenient access to in-person medical care. A majority of counties in both Montana and South Dakota are considered medically underserved because of a shortage of health professionals. According to the non-profit Power to Decide, 57,000 Montana women in need live in contraceptive deserts, where they lack reasonable access to contraceptive care.

Birth Control Delivered

Now people in Montana and South Dakota can get birth control prescribed online and delivered to their doorsteps, safely and affordably. Nurx offers popular pills for just $15 per month when you pay out of pocket, and when you pay with insurance you’re likely to have a $0 copay. And our medical team will always be just a message away to respond to your questions or concerns. “We have a phenomenal team of highly-credentialed medical providers with specialties in reproductive and sexual healthcare,” says Nancy Shannon, MD PhD, Senior Medical Director at Nurx, who is licensed to provide care in South Dakota.

Sexual Healthcare from Home

South Dakota is experiencing a rise in sexually transmitted infections, and ranked #9 for highest rate of gonorrhea infections in 2019.  Patients in both SD and MT will appreciated the privacy and easy of getting an STI check with one of the Nurx STI Home Test Kits, which check for STIs including HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and more (depending on which set of tests you choose). For patients who test positive, Nurx prescribes treatment when appropriate, or works to connect each patient with local in-person care.

Our medical team also prescribes and delivers PrEP, the daily pill that is up to 99 percent effective at ensuring HIV-negative people stay HIV-negative. Nurx allows patients to consult with a provider to determine if PrEP is right for them, complete the necessary lab work from home with a PrEP Home Test Kit, and have PrEP delivered straight to their door. Because PrEP can be expensive, our team helps patients apply for payment assistance and navigate insurance reimbursement.

Nurx offers treatment for oral and genital herpes and home testing for HPV, so there’s no need to wait to take care of your personal health needs.

Prescriptions for Migraines and Skin Needs

Nurx now provides cutting-edge care for migraines and chronic headaches, improving the lives of some of the 39 million Americans who experience migraines. Most primary care doctors have little knowledge of migraine and headache treatments, and there are only about 500 headache specialists in the US. The Nurx medical team has been specially trained to diagnose and assess headaches through a comprehensive online evaluation, which can be completed at the patient’s convenience — no appointment necessary. Then a Nurx provider creates a personalized treatment plan and our pharmacy sends medication to the patient’s doorstep.

Nurx recently introduced prescription skincare services including treatment for acne, rosacea and sun-related aging. The service consists of a consultation with a Nurx medical provider, a personalized treatment plan, home delivery of medication, and ongoing care. 

Your Online Source for Ongoing Care

Those who are new to Nurx should know that receiving care from our team isn’t a one-time transaction. Our dedicated medical providers are here to answer your questions and adjust your care as needed. “I am passionate about caring for the people of Montana and Nurx makes healthcare accessible, affordable, and convenient,” says Jennifer Austin, DO, a Nurx medical provider who lives and practices in Montana. “We’re ready to be your go to option for safe and accessible migraine care, birth control, STI testing, herpes treatment and more.”




Exceptional care at every step

At Nurx, we make it easy to get the expert healthcare you deserve. From schedules to health history, everybody is different—so we provide treatment and care that’s personalized to you. Through life’s cycles, changes, and transitions, we’re here to help you make informed choices about your health.

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