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Nurx Launches in Utah!

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Written by Nurx
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Hey, Utah, we’ve got great news: As of today, Nurx is available from Salt Lake to St. George to wherever you are in the beehive state!  We’re making it easier and more affordable to access everyday healthcare needs such as birth control, cervical cancer screening, and the HIV prevention medication PrEP.

Just about a third of pregnancies in Utah were unintended, and now Nurx offers Utah women more options for owning their reproductive health. Sign up (for free) on the Nurx website or mobile app, then a state-licensed medical provider will determine the right medication for you. Already know which type of birth control you want? No problem. Need help choosing from the 50 birth control brands we prescribe? Our medical experts will provide guidance.

Then we’ll fill your prescription and deliver it for free to your door. Nurx accepts insurance if you have it (copays are often $0) but no worries if you don’t )our most popular generic birth control options cost just $15). Need the “morning after pill” like Plan B or Ella in Utah? We’ve got you — our medical providers prescribe emergency contraception too.   

Nurx is also the easiest and most private way for people in Utah to access PrEP, a daily pill that is up to 99% effective at protecting you from the HIV virus. Getting a PrEP prescription requires a few lab tests every three months, and we’re the only service that lets you complete those tests at home — we’ll send them to your door in discreet packaging, with a free return envelope. Nurx even has a team dedicated to making PrEP affordable for you, by billing your insurance or connecting you with payment assistance programs.

Since we know that getting to the gynecologist isn’t always easy, Nurx also offers an at-home HPV test kit. All it takes is a simple vaginal swab test you can do yourself in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Send it back to us and we’ll assess your risk of cervical cancer. Our medical team will let you know whether you need follow-up care or if you can skip the stirrups for a while.

Have questions about Nurx in Utah? Curious if we’re available in your state? Check out our FAQs or email [email protected].

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