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What You Told Nurx About Your Post-Vax Plans

We surveyed 1000+ single Nurx women to understand your hopes and fears about sex and socializing once it's safe to get back out there.

What You Told Nurx About Your Post-Vax Plans Image
Written by Nurx
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By now you’ve heard the predictions and the catchphrases: “Hot vax summer” “Shot girl summer” “Vaxxed and waxed.” After a year plus of pandemic life there’s a whole lot of pent-up social and sexual energy out there, so it would make sense that people are planning to really let loose once they’re vaccinated and feel safe mingling.

But do those predictions ring true to you?  Do you miss socializing outside a pod, have you been mixing and mingling all along, or are you feeling a little hesitant about hitting the sex and dating scene in a newly vaccinated world?

To find out, we surveyed more than 1,000 women in the Nurx community who identify as single, we found that they are overall eager to re-launch their dating and sex lives post-COVID, but they have significant concerns about the “post-vax summer.” Here’s a bit of what we learned:


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There’s been a dating and sex drought.

Overall, you singles dated less and had less sex during the pandemic. 35% didn’t date or meet new partners at all, 7% dated but didn’t have sex, and 28% did date and have sex but less often than pre-pandemic. Overall, 70% had less or no sex during the past year.

Singles are ready to socialize.

Once you’re vaccinated and COVID restrictions in you area are lifted,  35% want to socialize more than they did pre-COVID and 47% plan to socialize at pre-pandemic levels. A small but signifiant slice of you are still feeling like homebodies: 13% think they’ll socialize less and 3% don’t plan to socialize at all this year.

That means dating and meeting new people.

More than half (58%) of respondents hope to date and have sex more as soon as possible. Almost a quarter (22%) have been dating and coupling up throughout the past year and don’t feel like it will be too different post-pandemic. However, 15% do not plan to date any time soon.

But many still have concerns.

Even if you’re eager to get back out there it might feel a little scary. 44% of respondents worry they’re out of practice with dating and sex, 25% are still worried they’ll catch COVID-19, and 25% worry they’ll go a little crazy and not make good choices.

We’re here for you.

However you plan to handle a post-vaccinated summer, the Nurx medical team is here to get you ready and help you make good choices during what may be a social surge. Our sex-positive, judgment-free healthcare providers can help you access birth control, PrEP, STI testing, herpes medication, and more — we now even offer acne and anti-aging treatment so you can feel your best. Summer is coming, and we want to be sure you’re covered with the health essentials.


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