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Did you Know that Using Birth Control can Ease Pain Caused by Endometriosis?

Did you Know that Using Birth Control can Ease Pain Caused by Endometriosis? Image

Birth control isn’t only used to prevent pregnancies or skip menstrual cycles. It can also be used to ease pain caused by menstrual cramps, counteract acne and prevent unwanted facial hair. Some of the most painful cramps are caused from a condition called endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue of the same type as endometrium (the mucous membrane in the uterus) exists outside the uterine cavity, and is usually found on other organs outside the pelvis. These can be identified as cysts or mucous spots. They are affected by hormones the same way as the endometrium in the uterus, and they will bleed at the same time as the bleeding from the uterus during menstruation.

Most women with endometriosis do not have any symptoms, but those with symptoms may experience pelvic pain that may worsen during menstruation, painful intercourse, painful bowel movements or urination, and infertility.

Using hormonal contraception is one of the treatments for endometriosis. Birth control pills, patches or vaginal rings control the hormones responsible for the buildup of endometrial tissue each month. The purpose is to stop menstrual bleeding and thereby also the activity of the endometriosis.

If you have endometriosis, and considering using Nurx as your birth control provider, please inform us and we will help you find the contraception that works best for you.

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