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Evolution of Vagina Grooming Techniques

Evolution of Vagina Grooming Techniques Image

We know by now that archeologists and researchers tend to find the most peculiar things about our history.  Everything from the first dildo, the first attempts at birth control, and now even grooming techniques for your vajayjay. Turns out that it all started with the ancient Egyptians. As in most other aspects, the ancient Egyptians were rather civilized, and probably some of the first to start grooming their pubic hair. The general opinion in ancient Egypt was that having pubic hair was uncivilized, thus it had to go. As history will have it, the trend followed in ancient Greek and middle eastern countries. 

For the Greeks, pubic hair was a status symbol. The upper-class ladies wouldn’t be caught dead with bush. The Romans didn’t care for pubes either and began eradicating it from young girls’ crotches the moment it appeared with special tweezers called the “volsella”.

Apparently going hairless was a status symbol in most ancient cultures, did it last?

Yes and no, as most things related to fashion, it goes in cycles. In the victorian era a new concept was introduced. The bush made a strong comeback, and the bigger, the better, was the general mantra. For many a prostitute, this became somewhat of a nuisance. Having to shave the bush to rid themselves of lice meant that they were less attractive, so what to do? Let’s make a wig for the vagina, and thus the “merkin” was born.

Bringing on the 20th century, things rapidly changed. With the first female razor made in 1904, things were bound to change. Not until the 70s brought around the disco bush did we see a profound change. Things fluctuated for some years, until Carrie Bradshaw did the brazilian in an episode of Sex and The City. That was all it took for bald to become beautiful.

Today however, 84% of american women claim that they groom, with younger women being significantly more likely to groom than older women. Women who groom also report having twice the number of lifetime partners as those who didn’t groom. Despite any statistics, what you do with your vagina is always your decision. You do you!

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