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HIV Prevention

How do I get PrEP through Nurx?

Nurx is an easy, discreet, and judgement-free way to access PrEP. On average the entire process takes 7-10 business days before your prescription is written depending on how quickly you get your lab work completed, and we make PrEP affordable — 99% of Nurx patients pay $0 for…

What is the difference between PrEP and PEP?

If PrEP is like birth control, then PEP is like emergency contraception. PEP (Post-exposure Prophylaxis) is a medication regimen someone who is currently HIV-negative can take to reduce their risk of becoming infected after they have been exposed to HIV. PEP must be started within 72 hours after a possible…

What if I miss a dose of PrEP?

If you miss a dose or skip a day, it’s ok! Take your pill as soon as you remember and continue with your daily schedule. Do not double dose, as you may feel nauseous or sick. Missing one dose won’t greatly affect your level of protection against HIV. However, if…

How effective is PrEP?

Truvada® and Descovy for PrEP are highly effective at preventing HIV when taken as prescribed. Studies have shown that PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV through sexual activity by up to 99% and by more than 70% among people who inject drugs.

How will my PrEP order arrive?

Your PrEP order will be delivered via FedEx 2-Day Priority Shipping, with signature required. Often orders are delivered during business hours, so please let our customer care team know if you need to waive the signature requirement or have your order shipped to a different address. The package arrives in…

How does PrEP work?

Truvada® and Descovy for PrEP work by blocking an enzyme called HIV reverse transcriptase. By blocking this enzyme, it prevents HIV from making more copies of itself in the body. You will remain HIV negative if the virus can’t make enough copies of itself in your system.

How long do I need to take PrEP?

You can take Truvada® or Descovy for PrEP as long as you are at risk for contracting HIV. For some people this can mean for the duration of a relationship, and for others this can mean for a lifetime. PrEP is something that you can start and stop at any…

Is PrEP right for me?

The CDC suggests that PrEP is an excellent option for people who are: weigh at least 77 pounds (35kg), are currently HIV-negative, and meet one or more of the following criteria: In a sexual relationship with someone who is living with HIV, especially when they are not undetectable In a…

What lab work do I need to do in order to get PrEP?

Before you can start Truvada® or Descovy for PrEP, you will need to complete lab work. After you get started on PrEP, you will only need to get your labs done every 3 months. We know getting labs done isn’t the most enjoyable process, but it’s important to know your…

How quickly does PrEP start working?

When taken daily, PrEP is safe and highly effective in preventing HIV. PrEP reaches maximum effectiveness for receptive anal sex (bottoming) after about 7 days. For all other activities, including insertive anal sex (being the top) and vaginal sex, PrEP reaches maximum effectiveness after about 21 days.

Can I get the Nurx PrEP home testing kit if I am in New York?

Unfortunately, we are unable to send home testing kits to our patients in New York. Currently, New York has legislation that doesn’t allow the kits to be an option for our patients there. Patients in New York will still be able to use LabCorp, Quest, or another requested lab. Here…

What are the side effects of PrEP?

Many new PrEP users report little to no side effects, but symptoms such as headache, abdominal pain, and weight loss can happen. These side effects typically don’t last long and often go away entirely within the first month. If you’re experiencing prolonged side effects, please contact us.

Are home testing kits my only option to get PrEP?

For patients who live outside of New York, the home testing kit is currently our preferred lab testing option. Nurx is committed to providing privacy, convenience, and access to our PrEP patients. We made the decision to shift our lab process to at-home testing in order to do this on…

How much do PrEP lab tests cost through Nurx?

Before you begin PrEP you’re required to get lab tests to confirm that you are HIV negative and have healthy kidneys. You’ll re-do these tests every three months after beginning PrEP. Our preferred testing option is at-home tests through our home testing partner, Molecular Testing Labs (MTL). We’ll…

How do the Nurx PrEP Home Test Kits work?

Once you submit your request and one of our amazing medical providers reviews your health questionnaire, a home test kit is automatically sent to you. You just collect all of your samples, mail it back to us, and we’ll have your test results in just a few days! Here’s…

Do alcohol or drugs interact with PrEP?

PrEP should not interact with alcohol or drugs. However, one study found that PrEP may not be as effective for those who use injection drugs.

May I have a tracking number for my Nurx PrEP home testing kit?

Yes, you will receive a tracking link via the Nurx platform within 24 hours of our medical team ordering your testing kit. All orders are sent via USPS Priority shipping and should arrive within 1 to 3 business days.

Is PrEP safe to use during pregnancy?

Truvada® for PrEP has been used to help women with HIV-positive partners stay negative prior to and throughout their pregnancies since 2004. Additionally, Descovy for PrEP is safe to take during pregnancy. Make sure to tell your doctor if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

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