National HIV Testing Day is June 27. At Nurx, we believe control over your own sexual health is a fundamental right. So, we're helping raise awareness on testing, prevention, and treatment with a resource hub for HIV prevention education and access to PrEP.

Because it's your body. Your choice. It's that simple.

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How to Prevent HIV

There’s a simple 3-step process for protecting yourself and your partners, and preventing the spread of HIV.

1) Make sex safer with condoms and/or PrEP and if you're exposed to HIV start PEP medication within 72 hours.

2) Talk to your partners. Done be afraid to ask their status and what are they doing to prevent HIV.

3) Don't know your status? Get tested! If you're positive, start treatment right away, to protect your health and so you don’t pass HIV to partners.


PrEP is reliable HIV prevention in a daily pill. Nurx can prescribe and deliver PrEP, help make it affordable for you and answer any questions along the way.

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HIV Testing

Get an HIV check from home with an STI Home Test Kit. (If you test positive our team is here for you to prescribe treatment, answer questions, or connect you with care.)

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Learn about PEP, the “emergency” medication you take after a potential HIV exposure.

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What's Your HIV IQ?

Preventing HIV infection is easier than ever before, but too few people are getting the message about how to protect themselves — close to 40,000 Americans get diagnosed each year. If you or someone you know is at risk for HIV, test your knowledge about HIV prevention and PrEP.

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Why I started PrEP

A college student shares why he went on PrEP, and why more young people should.

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4 Facts About Women and HIV

Too few women know these four things — our Director of Clinical Operations explains why they should.

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Ready to Prevent HIV
and Get PrEP?

We believe that control over our own sexual health is a fundamental right. So we make it as simple and affordable as accessing any preventative medicine.

Our dedicated team of experts makes PrEP convenient and affordable, with home testing and help enrolling in payment assistance. Request a prescription online, and get confidential support anywhere.

What's your anal sex IQ?

The back door, fifth base, butt stuff — there are many coy ways to talk about anal sex, but don’t expect us to use them. If you enjoy anal sex it’s important to understand how to do it safely, so we created a no-stigma quiz to make sure you know what you need to.

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What's Your STI IQ?

You might not want to think about sexually transmitted infections, but ignoring STIs won’t protect you. In fact, it’s just the opposite — educating yourself about which STIs are out there and what the risks are is an essential part of taking care of your sexual health. To make sure that your STI IQ is up where it should be, test yourself with our 9 question quiz.

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Living with HIV as a Young Woman

A cis woman with HIV shares what she wishes she’d known sooner, to make the message of HIV testing and prevention hit home.

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Meet your medical team

Nurx medical provider Brentton Lowery is a AAHIVS-certified HIV specialist who is passionate about preventing HIV and connecting HIV positive people with care. Learn more about Brentton, the very personal reason he entered HIV medicine, and his insights into LGBTQ+ health and the future of HIV prevention.

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Hello Freedom

We know that no one has time to wait in line at the pharmacy. We know that seeing a doctor often isn't easy — on your schedule, wallet, or peace of mind.

Our service makes it easy for anyone, regardless of circumstance, to get medication quickly, discreetly, and affordably. So we can all stay safe and in control of our own health, always.

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