STI Testing

Basics Covered Kit

Tests for:
HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis

Collection methods:
Urine sample and finger prick blood card

How much it costs:
$150 out-of-pocket or $75 + copay/deductible (if applicable) with insurance

Why Choose This Test Kit

We designed the Basics Covered Kit for people who have been tested for STIs within the past year and just need a status check. This kit tests for HIV, syphilis,* gonorrhea and chlamydia, but the gonorrhea and chlamydia tests look for genital infections only (to also test for these infections in the throat and rectum, choose the Full Control Kit). Do not perform tests if you are currently taking antibiotics or within 7 days of completing antibiotics. Just follow the instructions below, then return them to our lab in a prepaid envelope. *Please note about syphilis: This syphilis test cannot differentiate between a new syphilis infection and a syphilis infection in the past that was treated. If you have had syphilis in the past you will need to take a different type of test to detect any new infection.

Collect a Urine Sample

Follow these steps to collect a urine sample to be tested for genital chlamydia and gonorrhea infections.

1. Label the Collection Tube

On the tube labeled ‘Urine,’ write your date of birth (DOB) and today’s date on the blue bar (format: MM/DD/YYYY). Do not pour out the preservative solution that is already in the tube.

Image illustrating '1. Label the Collection Tube'

2. Collect a Sample

Collect a sample of urine, by urinating into the collection cup.

Image illustrating '2. Collect a Sample'

3. Fill the Urine Tube

Use the dropper to transfer some urine from the cup to the tube. Be sure to fill the tube until the urine level is between the tube fill lines. Discard the collection cup.

Image illustrating '3. Fill the Urine Tube'

4. Seal the Sample

Close the tube and seal it in the biohazard bag containing an absorbent sheet (which looks like a tissue) included inside the bag. Do not throw out the absorbent sheet.

Image illustrating '4. Seal the Sample'

Collect a Blood Sample

A quick finger prick collects enough blood to test for syphilis and HIV.

1. Label the Blood Collection Card

Open the Blood Spot Collection Kit and read the instructions included in the box before you begin. On the front of the blood collection card, write your name, date of birth (DOB), and today’s date (format: MM/DD/YYYY).

Image illustrating '1. Label the Blood Collection Card'

2. Use the Lancet

Wash your hands and clean your middle or ring finger with the enclosed antiseptic pad. Shake your hand to get the blood flowing to your finger, then use the lancet on the side of your finger (not the fingertip).

Image illustrating '2. Use the Lancet'

3. Fill the Blood Collection Card

Follow the steps carefully to ensure you get enough blood flow to completely fill each of the five circles on the blood collection card. Make sure the back of the card is completely saturated through for each circle. Use two fingers to squeeze out the blood on to the blood collection card. Do not touch the card directly with your finger!

Image illustrating '3. Fill the Blood Collection Card'

4. Seal the Blood Sample

If needed put on the adhesive bandage on your finger, then seal the blood sample in the biohazard bag, along with the desiccant packet.

Image illustrating '4. Seal the Blood Sample'

What Next?

Place the sealed bags containing the urine and blood samples back in the cardboard box, put the box into the prepaid envelope, and mail the samples no later than 48 hours after you collect them. We will be in touch within 7 business days to give you your results and walk you through any next steps.

Interested in ordering the Basics Covered Kit? Click below to get started.

Image illustrating 'What Next?'

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