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True Truvada Stories

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Written by Nurx
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Maybe you’re wondering if PrEP is right for you, or maybe you’re already taking Truvada and are curious about what it’s like to get your prescription online. Either way, we thought we’d share some true stories from people who get Truvada for PrEP prescribed and delivered through Nurx. We aim to make the process of protecting yourself from HIV as easy as possible, so we love it when our patients tell us how Nurx is working for them, and let us share their stories with you.

“They’d say ‘I don’t prescribe that. I don’t believe in that lifestyle.’”

When I heard that PrEP was 99% effective at preventing HIV, I knew I wanted to get on it for extra protection–not that my lifestyle is crazy, I just want to have extra security. But I grew up in a very conservative area in New Jersey. Trying to find a doctor where I’d be accepted was hard. If I asked for PrEP, they’d say ‘I don’t prescribe that. I don’t believe in that lifestyle.’ I wouldn’t even ask if a doctor’s office had FOX News on in the lobby.

It was a sigh of relief when I moved to Orlando, Florida–a more accepting community–and finally found a doctor that was helpful. Even then, it wasn’t easy. I work nine to five, Monday through Friday, so it’s hard to get to my doctor. Before Nurx, I would have to take the day off work to sit in a lobby for 2 hours before I was even seen by my doctor. Then she’d send me to go get my blood work done. After that, I’d have to go back so she could write the prescription. I tried making it easier by setting a reminder on my calendar every 3 months so I could have my blood work done before I went to my doc appointment. But sometimes my doctor would forget to send the paperwork to the lab, so I’d have to wait another week before I was prescribed again.

Get PrEP for HIV Prevention At Home

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Now with Nurx, I can do it all at my leisure–I don’t have to worry about missing a week. The home test kit is amazing. It’s delivered while I’m at work, I complete it when I get home, and send it right back in the mail. The customer service is amazing too. They message me 15-20 days before my prescription runs out, so I’m not left without PrEP. I love that I can open the app and just message a doctor. I’ve never waited more than an hour for a response. The doctors are on top of me too. Sometimes I’ll get a test kit and forget to send it back in, so they’ll send me a friendly little text to remind me. Now I know that every 90 days I’ll get a kit in the mail and every 30 days I’ll get my prescription. It’s made being on PrEP so easy and convenient!

-Jason, Nurx Patient, FL

“You can try to take all the precautions . . .  but that’s not always enough.”

I had always wanted to get on PrEP, but wasn’t really sure how to do it. I went straight to Nurx because I knew it would be easier than going the traditional route with a doctor. I’ve been using Nurx for a year now and it’s been great. I have health insurance so it’s 100% free. The ease of doing it all from my phone is the greatest thing for me. Everyone that I’ve talked to at Nurx has been incredibly helpful. I have a sense of security with Nurx and being on PrEP. I know that if I have questions they can be answered. I don’t feel any stigma or guilt at all at Nurx—it’s an open and friendly environment. I think a lot of people in the gay community and out, have the notion or belief that people who are on PrEP have it to engage in unsafe sex, which I don’t think is the case. Especially for me, the main reasons are, one, I’m lucky enough to have insurance so it’s completely free, and, two, stuff happens. You can try to take all the precautions to have as safe sex as possible, but that’s not always enough. For me, PrEP is just another precaution that I take to have safe sex–it’s another line of defense.

-Tyler, IN


“It’s not your grandparents’ medication.”

Someone on my gay dodgeball team worked in local HIV prevention. We started talking and he told me how fast HIV was growing in our city, which kind of scared me. I was recently single and I wanted to start dating in a safe way.

I heard about Nurx and decided to try it out. It ended up being so easy! The process was simple, safe, and comfortable. It was all private and I didn’t have to go to a doctor’s office. It worked seamlessly from online to my door. I got the home test kit, did it, and it was easy. That was probably the most intricate part, but I think the instructions were laid out very well and it was quick. Everything comes completed, ready to go, and well prepared. Whoever wrote it and put it all together definitely thought it through for someone who may not know what they are doing.

The communication from Nurx has been really awesome too. They are constantly texting and emailing me about the process from beginning to end. The fact that I can reach out to someone every step of the way makes it feel like they have my back. I think I expected pre-typed messages, but it’s real medical providers on the other end and you can totally tell the difference.

I love that Nurx is trying to make PrEP as accessible as possible. I think more people should know about it. I wish I knew about it sooner. You don’t have to talk to anyone or see anyone. It’s not your grandparents’ medication. It’s modern technology for the 21st century.

-Andy, FL


“I hadn’t been thinking about PrEP accurately.”

I used to be really skeptical about PrEP because I’m one of those people who doesn’t like taking drugs if I don’t absolutely need to. With PrEP, I didn’t feel like I needed to put it in my body. I was also skeptical about Nurx. My friend was telling me how she uses Nurx to get her birth control and how everything is done by an app that you download. I thought to myself , ‘No way. That’s too sketchy for me.’ I think we’re all kind of taught by society that healthcare via an app shouldn’t work.

Then, my therapist happened to be a PrEP specialist. He travels the world to talk about the benefits of PrEP and how it’s really helping people by lowering HIV transmission. He told me that he’s used Nurx for a few years, how they are fantastic, and had never let him down. He highly recommended Nurx if I was looking to start PrEP. I realized I hadn’t been thinking about PrEP accurately. If I am being sexually active, it’s important to take every precaution and every step along the way to be as healthy as possible. So, that evening after our session, I went home, downloaded the app, and I signed up with Nurx!

I had 2 really trustworthy people in my life tell me that they use Nurx and that it would be useful for me, so I did it and It has been absolutely fantastic! I have not had a single issue. Everyone is so attentive. Whenever I send a message people respond within the hour, which is shocking to me in a great way! I can’t tell you how many times in my life people have not reminded me that I need to get something done, so it slips my mind. With Nurx, they tell me everything that’s happening. They’ll let me know that they are sending me my lab test so I can get it done and sent back by the end of the month before I run out of PrEP pills. The customer service is incredible too. One of my test kits didn’t arrive, so I messaged Nurx and in a few days they sent me a new one.

I think many doctors look at health care like they’re the ones providing the service, so we have to be the ones that remember to get things done. But life gets in the way and you forget. Nurx doesn’t let you forget. It’s amazing because you’re taking your health even more seriously with them backing you up. They provide you with the knowledge you need. Every Nurx patient is treated like they have the best healthcare system. They make a point of helping you feel good within yourself by not overcomplicating things. It’s really a beautiful thing to have something that’s so simple and straightforward, especially in the current healthcare system.

-Alex, NY


If you’re interested in learning more about PrEP, Nurx can help. It may be possible to get a prescription for Truvada online — just use the Nurx app to connect with licensed medical professionals who can determine if PrEP is a good choice for you and advise on next steps. Nurx lets you do the necessary testing for PrEP entirely from home. We’ll send you a home test kit with simple instructions and a prepaid return envelope. Once you send back your samples we’ll quickly get you your results and, if all looks good, send you a three-month supply of Truvada for PrEP.  If you have insurance we’ll bill it for you, but it’s no problem if you don’t. Whatever your situation we’ll help you apply for payment assistance programs — 99% of Nurx PrEP patients pay nothing for the medication.

Nurx prescribes generic PrEP unless you have a medical reason why you must take Truvada.


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