23 Unexpected Reasons Why Women Get Their Birth Control Online

Getting your birth control pills online as if it were a pizza delivery or groceries might seem a little new and adventurous (don’t you need an in-person doctor’s visit?)

Thanks to advances in telemedicine technology (and government regulations finally catching up to the benefits), there are now a number of legitimate places where women in the US can safely get the pill, patch or ring prescribed and delivered via a few taps on their phones and a simple online chat interaction with a doctor (disclaimer: we’re one of these services, find out more here).

But why do thousands of women across the US really get their birth control online? We asked a few of our customers and received some both expected and surprising answers.

1. Several month wait times for doctor’s appointments ?

I got my prescription within a week instead of having to wait 2 months for the first available woman’s appointment with my GP. Gabrielle

It was so easy to get back on my birth control after being put on an almost 2 month waiting list for my OBGYN. Less than 48 hours after signing up, I’m already taking BC. Lara


2. Planned Parenthood is overbooked.

I couldn’t get an appointment at my local planned parenthood for two months and would have had to go without birth control. Now I don’t have to wait! Carolyn


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3. Having multiple busy jobs

I work 4 jobs and barely can do daily things due to my work schedule. I even resort to mobile banking because I’m never off when banks are open. This is a great service and I hope it continues to work for me! Taylor

It was super easy for me and I love the free shipping and delivery, I’m very busy with my two jobs and college so I really like that I get 3 months at a time! It’s definitely hassle free ?? Morgan



4. Living in a rural town, hours away from the nearest doctor.

We just moved to a rural town and getting the prescription shipped and having an online consultation was a life saver instead of driving hours into town Hilary



5. In-person birth control prescriptions can get expensive, especially if you have a copay and deductible.

My insurance covers the prescription but not the doctor visit (go figure). This site made it so easy and stress free to get my birth control and not have to pay 400$+ to see the doctor until my 4k deductible is metVannessa

I don’t have the time or flexibility to take off work for a doctor’s appointment. Also, I hate having to pay a copay just so that the doctor can spend a few minutes prescribing me birth control. I shouldn’t need a physical visit. Jana



6. When religion gets in the way of your prescription

This was so useful to me, i just switched to a new doctor and he is “Christian” and I didn’t know it and he won’t prescribe my birth control that I have been on for 2 years.



7. Changes in life circumstances.

You guys helped me get the proper birth control that I need in order to keep up with my health. I had just gotten laid-off from my job and couldn’t afford to keep my health insurance. -Monique



8. Being without insurance.

I’m between insurances right now and thought there was no way I could afford the pill. I was so happy to find out I was wrong.

You guys saved me around $1,000. I am currently without health insurance and in order to get my prescription refilled I would have had to go to my doctor. That is a bill I am not able to pay for right now. -Susan



9. Because it beats procrastination

I would have procrastinated for months about going to the doctor, this made it so easy and left me with zero excuses to procrastinate! -Jessica


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10. Because regular pelvic exams are largely unnecessary

A federal panel of gynecological experts recently declared that there is no evidence to support health benefits of an annual pelvic exam for healthy women, yet a large number of doctors still demand them from patients.

I’ve always felt very uncomfortable about pelvic exams and have felt forced to schedule one in order to get birth control. I am a reserved person and want my privacy without being told I HAVE TO make an appointment, or I won’t receive my birth control anymore. It should be a woman’s choice whether or not she wants an exam. -Julianna


11. Attitudes from judgy doctors

I hate hate hate going to the doctor! Finding the time is hard, and even worse – I’m in the process of switching primary care doctors because I was unhappy with some attitude I got from my current one. This is how things should be, I shouldn’t have to visit a doctor for something as simple as birth control, it’s not as if it’s a narcotic.


12. Poor communication from their in-person doctors

I’ve been trying to get on birth control for a while now and the doctors I’ve seen have always brushed me off. Nurx provided me with the information I needed to make a decision about what method and product would work best. After answering the questions provided, I was able to communicate with a real person about why I can’t take the normal combination pill due to my migraines, which was something I never knew. I’m sure my doctors did but Jessica, my Nurx doctor, was able to help me pick out the right pill and sent it out to me as soon as I approved it.Victoria



13. Women’s Empowerment ?

Elevating the status of women, is good for the economy and society as a whole. With all the current attacks on planned parenthood, having another resource to put power and choice back into the hands of women is incredible.



14. Being between OBGYNs

I am currently in-between gynecologists because I just moved across the country. I was becoming so stressed over the fact that my prescription was about to run out, but I couldn’t get a new one without going in for my annual check-up. It was so frustrating. I felt as though my birth control was held hostage. I was afraid I would have to go without it until I found a new OBGYN. Thankfully, after doing some research, I managed to find Nurx. I was so relieved to find such a useful service. Kate


15. Unpredictable travel schedules

My work schedule is very demanding and unpredictable. Plus, I am on the road and traveling a lot, so it’s not always easy for me to make it to the doctor’s office during regular business hours. I wish I would’ve found this service a month or two ago before letting my birth control lapse because I couldn’t keep my doctors appointment! Tonya


16. Being a busy mom

I have always hated going to the Doctor to refill my birth control script. I work 40 hours a week, and I am a mom of 2 small, very active children, as well as full time wife, with strict plans of not becoming pregnant again.

I’m a mother of 2. Trying to find time and what works best for me is finding Nurx. Talk about free time. I don’t need to deal with the office wait and be concerned if I’m being extra safe. My husband and I are not sure we want to expand our family, so for now I have my birth control until we decide. Ivonne


17. Anxiety issues around doctors.

As someone that suffers from severe anxiety, Nurx made birth control easily accessible and hassle free. I couldn’t go to the doctor to refill my prescription for years. Now I am so grateful to have access to medication that I need. Elizabeth


18. Fear of hospitals

I’ve always had the hardest time getting birth control because of my fear of hospitals. It’s incredible how something as simple as a refill can be so complicated and stressful, but Nurx completely eliminated this issue. I can finally move on and focus on the things that matter rather than dreading prescription refills. Anna


19. Not having to deal with health insurance nightmares.

I have an insurance plan that many places around me will not accept. Therefore, I have been unable to get birth control for over 2 years. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. But, Nurx made the entire process incredibly easy, and, I was able to use my insurance to get my birth control for free! Britanny

Very simple and easy. I’m a new immigrant and American healthcare is very confusing for me! (In Hong Kong, you can buy contraceptive pills over the counter for about $15 per pack) I appreciate the quick and comprehensive messages from staff, the simple process, and the fact that I don’t have to spend a lot of time in a doctor’s office. I could not find one doctor in my area to take my insurance so this was a god send. Rebecca


20. Being empowered to make decisions about your own health

I had called my GYN requesting to be switched to the mini pill. The combination pill was making me have a lot of nausea, I am very sensitive to hormones, and a pill with less estrogen (or no estrogen!) was what I wanted. He called into the pharmacy a different combination pill because HE decided the POP wasn’t effective enough for me. I don’t want someone else making my healthcare choices for me on the pretense that they know what is better for me. I have done a lot of research and wanted the mini pill. Nurx, and Dr. Knox, raised the concern that a combination pill may be more effective and appropriate for me, but upon my re-stating what I wanted and why got me exactly what I asked for. They let me make me own health care decision, and I appreciate that beyond all measure.


21. Controlling parents, even though you’re legally an adult.

My parents have my insurance on the same card as theirs and they’re against me trying birth control despite my doctor’s recommendation, I am 19 now and I just wanted my pain to stop. Kaitlyn


22. Laziness. Because sleeping in on a Saturday morning is so much better than hauling yourself to the pharmacy

Because I’m lazy and I don’t have to haul my a** to the pharmacy anymore. Caitlin



23. Avoiding adulting. Because dealing with pharmacies and insurances shouldn’t have to be part of your “adult life”

Because I know nothing of adulting ?


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