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I Found a Simple Option for Accessing PrEP

Recently I opened a summer business out of my home state of NY. In the midst of the season, my PrEP rx ran out, combined with my primary care physician retiring.

I was struggling with how to get the RX refilled.

A friend recommended trying NURX as a hassle free option. I created an account, answered a few simple questions, uploaded my identification, and received a referral to a lab for regular testing.

The entire process was incredibly simple.

I have still been using NURX.

When friends ask me about PrEP, I regularly direct them to the PrEP Facts page on Facebook and would absolutely recommend NURX as an option to obtain a prescription.

Advice from Adam:

I think it is important to ensure any individual is aware what is and is not covered in your individual policy and what labs to use. One thing I have found is the insurance companies are quick to deny claims as a practice, but then reverse their decision with follow up.


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