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How Nurx gave me Access to Contraceptive Pills

It really allowed to me have a voice in what I wanted

Growing up in a Catholic-Latino family and having gone to Catholic school my entire life, I was fed up with all the horror stories of birth control and female reproductive healthcare.

I remember going to my general practitioner and getting pressured into abstinence and then only being prescribed the pill. Almost as if a scare tactic, I was only given a list of the downsides to it.

I came across Nurx when I was 21 and moved to California on my own. The idea was revolutionary, in my opinion. I was floored!

From a few clicks on the keyboard to your front doorbell ringing, it’s so simple and the future of healthcare that I can depend on!

After research and personal reflection, I was able to order the patch (xulane), and it has been working wonderfully for me for over a year now. Never once has Nurx been late or lapsed. In fact, I am stocked enough in case I have to replace a patch!

They aren’t just a tech company preying on a certain demographic for profit; they really just want people to have access to safe and affordable reproductive healthcare.

I adore the company from head to toe for what they are doing for the reproductive health market.



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