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Jenny Ingle Pappas


Jenny is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Professor at Florida SouthWestern State College who has a passion for women’s health. Jenny attended Bellarmine University for both her undergraduate and graduate nursing degrees. She is currently obtaining her Doctorate of Nursing Practice at Indiana State University. As a registered nurse Jenny found her passion for Women’s Health working in antepartum, postpartum, women’s surgical services, and the nursery. Once she obtained her nurse practitioner degree, she opened her own business offering services to industrial companies to care for the employees and their families. She also managed and worked in Title X clinics across two counties and helped develop, market, and expand their services to those in need, while being the only practicing provider. Through her role at Title X clinics, Jenny realized her passion for providing contraceptive services and increased access to care for all women regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, occupation, or age.

Jenny loves telehealth because it provides confidential, convenient access for patients on their own schedule. From a provider perspective, Jenny feels that she provides better, more comprehensive, and safe care to her patients via telemedicine, since she has time to look up rare health conditions and review the most up-to-date, evidence-based health research. She also has a great support team of knowledgeable and experienced physicians and nurse practitioners that are always willing to provide advice.


“I love working for Nurx for so many reasons, but the #1 reason I love Nurx is that it aligns with my belief that all women have the right to seek affordable, accessible contraceptive services. Now we also offer STI test kits and PrEP for HIV prevention. I’m very passionate about primary prevention and I love giving access and empowerment to millions of individuals with the click of a few buttons on an app. I love working on the provider team with such knowledgeable, strong, and empowering individuals. I feel blessed to be able to provide for our wonderful patients and still have a great work-life balance to spend ample time with my husband, son, and fur baby. I often work at night after I put my baby to bed and often that is when our patients are placing requests, so it works for both of us.”


Clinical Focus
Women’s Health
Family Planning



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