About Us

Let's Take Control of Our Own Health

Everyone is saying that healthcare is broken. We're here to fix it.

We believe healthcare should be unconditional. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you get up to in your own time. You deserve to be treated quickly and with compassion. That’s why we’re pioneering a new type of healthcare that’s easier and smarter, one in which vital medications and tests are accessible and affordable to everyone. No ifs, no buts.

Life can be complicated.
Taking care of yourself shouldn't be.

Nurx is built to deliver on the three things everyone needs from their healthcare. Choice, so you can make positive decisions about your own body. Control, so you can plan ahead and look after yourself without complication. And freedom, so your access to medication is never blocked by cost, bureaucracy, geography, stigma, or anything else.

Who we are

Founded by Hans Gangeskar and Dr. Edvard Engesæth, the Nurx team is comprised of world class physicians, business leaders, and industry experts.

Together we're working to make healthcare more accessible and simpler for everyone.

Our Values

Patient First

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Every key decision we make is centered around the patient. We empower people to take control of their health, focusing on systematic and positive health outcomes for the greater good. We are on a mission to improve healthcare access for everyone, regardless of background or circumstances. We provide unconditional care.

Dare to Be Better

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We always question the status quo, relentlessly pursuing a better way, and are willing to go first. We have a trailblazing spirit and will always go the extra mile on the mission to redefine healthcare. We’re the place where it’s ok to take risks and be first.

In This Together

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We have a judgment-free, unified voice and are banding together to find solutions to real problems. We leave our individual ego at the door and believe that trust is built through shared vulnerability. We are empathetic as individuals and as a team. We partner with patients, doctors, nurses and our employees to win as a team.

Own It

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We own and take accountability for all of our own actions. We look past our day to day job to understand the bigger picture. We have an ownership mindset allowing us to do our best at every mission we set out to accomplish. Our individual goal is always to exceed expectations. We go beyond.

Do the Right Thing

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We act with integrity, honesty and ethics. We encourage open communication and question ideas and actions inconsistent with our values. We are good stewards of the company and its assets. We play to win, but we play fair.

We're on a Mission to Transform Healthcare

We’re reimagining the future of healthcare for patients and medical providers. Join us as we revolutionize primary care – starting with sexual health.

Meet Our Board Members

Chelsea Clinton, Author and Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation
Dr. Regina Benjamin, Former Surgeon General of the United States
Andrew Weissman, Partner, Union Square Ventures
Noah Knauf, General Partner at Bond Capital
Varsha Rao, Head of Nurx at Thirty Madison
Dr. Edvard Engesæth, Nurx Co-Founder

Meet Our Leadership Team

Image of Varsha Rao
Varsha Rao Head of Nurx at Thirty Madison
Image of Dr. Edvard Engesæth
Dr. Edvard Engesæth Co-Founder
Image of Ori Franco
Ori Franco Chief Financial Officer
Image of Lina Brenner
Lina Brenner General Counsel
Image of Shaun Young
Shaun Young SVP of Operations
Image of Katelyn Watson
Katelyn Watson Chief Marketing Officer
Image of Lori Medeiros
Lori Medeiros Vice President of People
Image of Christopher Maxwell
Christopher Maxwell Vice President of Engineering
Image of Lilia Coburn
Lilia Coburn Vice President of Product

Meet Our Independent
Medical Team

Our independent medical organization is made up of deeply experienced, passionately committed clinical practitioners with a wide variety of backgrounds. One thing they have in common: A shared belief that platforms like Nurx can play an important role in making healthcare more accessible, affordable, and all around better. Click here for a list of states where our providers are licensed.

Image of Dr. Emily Rymland
Dr. Emily Rymland DNP FNP-C
Image of Cristin Hackel
Cristin Hackel BS, RNC, MSN, WHNP
Image of Susan Vachon
Susan Vachon PA-C
Image of Joni Gunzburger
Joni Gunzburger MSN, FNP-C
Image of Dr. Anila Wahid
Dr. Anila Wahid MD
Image of Leanne Mays
Leanne Mays PA-C
Image of Courtney Proctor
Courtney Proctor NP
Image of Dr. Phillip Carron
Dr. Phillip Carron MD
Image of Dr. Jessica Rubino
Dr. Jessica Rubino MD
Image of Dr. Vanita Kumar
Dr. Vanita Kumar MD
Image of Jenny Ingle Pappas
Jenny Ingle Pappas DNP, APRN, FNP-C
Image of Brentton Lowery
Brentton Lowery PA-C, AAHIVS
Image of Neifa Nayor
Neifa Nayor FNP
Image of Caroline Stowe
Caroline Stowe FNP
Image of Dr. Betty Acker
Dr. Betty Acker MD
Image of Wendy Freden
Wendy Freden PA-C
Image of Kristine Cooley
Kristine Cooley APRN
Image of Dr. Adreinne Robertson
Dr. Adreinne Robertson MD
Image of Kelsey Henschel
Kelsey Henschel PA-C
Image of Emily McSparin
Emily McSparin PA-C
Image of Alexis Ross
Alexis Ross PA-C
Image of Whitney Vangen
Whitney Vangen NP
Image of Dr. Lynda Gilliam
Dr. Lynda Gilliam MD
Image of Dr. Jennifer Austin
Dr. Jennifer Austin DO
Image of Kendra Broussard
Kendra Broussard NP
Image of Lindsey Plato-Johnson
Lindsey Plato-Johnson NP
Image of Kristen Pollei
Kristen Pollei NP
Image of Dr. Sara Lillo
Dr. Sara Lillo MD
Image of Dr. Summer Drake
Dr. Summer Drake DO
Image of Kaylin Corley
Kaylin Corley NP
Image of Jaimee Ramsden
Jaimee Ramsden NP
Image of Zena Kuseybi
Zena Kuseybi NP
Image of Renee Kagan
Renee Kagan PA-C
Image of Dr. Bethany Lynn
Dr. Bethany Lynn MD
Image of Courtney Tepedino
Courtney Tepedino NP
Image of Jessica Abernathy
Jessica Abernathy NP
Image of Kathleen Pavel
Kathleen Pavel PA-C
Image of Allison Palcsesz
Allison Palcsesz NP
Image of Emily Maurer
Emily Maurer NP
Image of Sarah Halfmann
Sarah Halfmann NP
Image of Joshua Mueller
Joshua Mueller PA-C
Image of Rachel McMichael
Rachel McMichael NP
Image of Dr. Jillian Boroniec
Dr. Jillian Boroniec MD
Image of Nicole Nugent
Nicole Nugent NP
Image of Dr. Nicole Wilson Hall
Dr. Nicole Wilson Hall DO
Image of Katharine Tobias
Katharine Tobias NP
Image of Catherine McGinty
Catherine McGinty NP
Image of Dr. Casandra Cashman
Dr. Casandra Cashman MD
Image of Ashely Bell
Ashely Bell PA-C
Image of Dr. Charles Rollison
Dr. Charles Rollison DO
Image of Kristin Gilbert
Kristin Gilbert PA-C
Image of Dr. Carla Essling
Dr. Carla Essling MD
Image of Dr. Chase Cates
Dr. Chase Cates DO
Image of Christy Green
Christy Green FNP
Image of Courney Reyna
Courney Reyna NP
Image of Dr. Eileen Conaway
Dr. Eileen Conaway DO
Image of Dr. Lesli Casten
Dr. Lesli Casten MD
Image of Dr. Leslie Lane
Dr. Leslie Lane MD
Image of Dr. Melissa Trevelline
Dr. Melissa Trevelline MD
Image of Dr. Micaela Leighton
Dr. Micaela Leighton MD
Image of Dr. Neil Zlatniski
Dr. Neil Zlatniski MD
Image of Dr. Samantha Brown Parks
Dr. Samantha Brown Parks MD
Image of Dr. Tiffany Boyd
Dr. Tiffany Boyd MD
Image of Dr. Henry Burgess
Dr. Henry Burgess MD
Image of Dr. Janis Donahue
Dr. Janis Donahue DNP, FNP-C
Image of Dr. Rachel Gonzalez
Dr. Rachel Gonzalez MD
Image of Dr. Jill Ahrens
Dr. Jill Ahrens MD
Image of Dr. Huong Tran
Dr. Huong Tran MD
Image of Dr. Chidinma
Dr. Chidinma "Dawn" Kabba MD
Image of Kari Varner
Kari Varner NP
Image of Kara Bender
Kara Bender FNP
Image of Dr. Natasha Cruz-Jaszkewicz
Dr. Natasha Cruz-Jaszkewicz MD
Image of Dr. Nimret Dev
Dr. Nimret Dev DO
Image of Heather Harvey
Heather Harvey NP
Image of Dr. Natalie Hinchcliffe
Dr. Natalie Hinchcliffe DO
Image of Dr. Caitlin Shaffer
Dr. Caitlin Shaffer MD
Image of Janice Cahambing
Janice Cahambing NP
Image of Dr. Jean-Phillip Okhovat
Dr. Jean-Phillip Okhovat MD, MPH
Image of Dr. Lindsey McAlpin
Dr. Lindsey McAlpin MD

Meet Our Medical Advisors

Image of Dr. Charisse Litchman
Dr. Charisse Litchman MD, FAHS, Migraine Advisor
Image of Dr. Marius Commodore
Dr. Marius Commodore MD, Mental Health Advisor
Image of Dr. Marie Leger
Dr. Marie Leger MD, PhD, FAAD, Dermatology Advisor

Hello Freedom

We know that no one has time to wait in line at the pharmacy. We know that seeing a doctor often isn't easy — on your schedule, wallet, or peace of mind.

Our service makes it easy for anyone, regardless of circumstance, to get medication quickly, discreetly, and affordably. So we can all stay safe and in control of our own health, always.

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