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Safely Socializing During COVID-19

An infectious disease doctor shares advice on how to navigate socializing and dating during the pandemic.

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Migraines in Men vs Women

Do different gender experience migraine and another headaches differently, and if so, how?  

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A Letter to Transgender and Nonbinary Communities

In light of a recent denial of healthcare protections, our VP Clinical Services has a message about our commitment to equal care.

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Scary News About Syphilis

A new report finds that way too many babies are being born to women with this STI.

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Donate Blood, Demand Change

Discriminatory rules prevent many gay men from donating blood. Here's what you can do about that.

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Sex Ed for Adults: A Queer-Positive Guide to Sexual Health

Sex educator Cassandra Corrado provides all the LGBTQ sex ed she wishes somebody had told her sooner.

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How I’m Celebrating Pride 2020

This year calls for reckoning, deeper understanding, and action

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Summer 2020 Skin Protection Guide

An MD reveals 7 sunscreen rules, busts 3 myths, and discusses the vitamin D controversy — to help you take care of your skin all season.

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Headaches and Screen Time

Headache specialist Dr. Charisse Litchman offers ten tips for preventing screen-time headaches.

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6 Tips for Starting PrEP

Our college correspondent shares his advice to people taking PrEP (or thinking about it) for the first time.

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Birth Control Shot

Learn all about this popular birth control method, including the version you can inject at home.

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Sex Ed for Adults: Myths About Men and Sex

Free your mind (and your sex life) from outdated ideas about how guys should behave in the bedroom.

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Nurx Now Provides Care to Maryland

Thanks to recent changes in telehealth laws, our medical team now prescribes birth control and more in the state of Maryland.

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Sex Ed for Adults: Masturbation Edition

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Hormones and Headaches in Women

How puberty, periods, pregnancy, perimenopause and the pill may affect your head

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Quiz: What’s Your Fertility IQ?

Take the newest Nurx quiz to assess your knowledge of baby making and taking care of your reproductive health.

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“Why I Started Taking PrEP”

Our new college contributor shares how he learned about PrEP, and why he feels compelled to tell his story.

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How to Not Get Pregnant Right Now

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