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Joni Gunzburger


Joni Gunzburger is a Family Nurse Practitioner with 6 years of experience. She has spent her career working in primary care, both in a traditional clinic setting and via telehealth. She enjoys working in telemedicine because it allows her to take the time she needs to work with patients in depth on a specific medical need, rather than having a brief office visit that must cover multiple concerns. She became a nurse practitioner to help provide care to those who lack access and telemedicine allows her to expand her reach farther than she could in a single local clinic. 


“I greatly enjoy working with a group of intelligent, like-minded, highly-skilled professionals to provide exceptional care and increased access to patients who may not otherwise be able to obtain needed services. I also enjoy the ability to take the time needed to work with patients to help them find solutions that work best for their own unique set of needs.”



Clinical Focus
Primary Care Medicine


Board Certification
Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)


University of Cincinnati Masters of Science in Nursing: 2013


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