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What Should I Do If I Forgot to Take NuvaRing Out?

Joni Gunzburger

Medically reviewed by Joni Gunzburger, MSN, FNP-C on January 9, 2020

If you forget to take your NuvaRing out, its effectiveness against pregnancy may be reduced, depending on how long you left it in. NuvaRing can be up to 99.7 percent effective when used properly. While it still may be effective if forgotten for seven days, the manufacturer states that leaving it in for more than 28 days past the removal date reduces its effectiveness. While there is no research to prove this currently, it is best to follow the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approved guidelines.

What to Do If You Forget to Remove Your Nuvaring in Week Four?

If you forget to take your NuvaRing out any time during the fourth week of your cycle, don’t worry about additional contraception, as you will remain protected from pregnancy for the entire week. However, make an adjustment to your schedule as follows:

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  1. Keep your NuvaRing in for the duration of week four and remove it on day one of your next cycle.
  2. Wait a complete week before inserting your new NuvaRing. This will now count as day one of your new cycle.
  3. Use a backup birth control method during the first seven days your NuvaRing is in.

What to Do If You Forget to Take out Your Nuvaring Past the Fourth Week of Your Cycle?

If you have left your NuvaRing in for a complete additional cycle, the level of estrogen and etonogestrel that prevent pregnancy may be reduced enough to lower its effectiveness. In this situation you should:

  1. Take out your NuvaRing.
  2. Take a pregnancy test, either at home or with a healthcare professional.
  3. After receiving a negative pregnancy test, you can insert your new NuvaRing, which will begin day one and week one of a new cycle.
  4. Use a backup birth control for the first seven days to prevent pregnancy.
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