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Dr. Julie Graves, MD, MPH, PhD Image

Dr. Julie Graves


Dr. Julie Graves is a family medicine and public health doctor, as well as the Associate Director of Clinical Services at Nurx. She has more than 20 years of experience and has practiced medicine in Texas, Florida, Maryland, Wisconsin, Washington, DC, Sint Maarten, Germany, and even on a cruise ship. When she got her start in medicine the HIV/AIDS epidemic was just unfolding and there were no options other than offering comfort and symptom relief. Now at Nurx she is able to prescribe medicine that prevents HIV infection, along with accessible contraception so that women can make the choices that are right for themselves and their families. Dr. Graves also enjoys working in telehealth because it provides patients with convenience and comfort, enables them to ask questions at any time, and protects their privacy. 


“My colleagues at Nurx are kind, smart, and dedicated. We are a great team – we bring a diversity of skills and perspectives to work, then we collaborate and support each other.”


Clinical Focus
Family Medicine, Public Health


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