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The FC2 Female Condom provides effective protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. We here at Nurx™ want you to understand the specifics of using this hormone-free and nonlatex form of contraception. The only FDA-approved female condom on the market, FC2 is well lubricated and its unique design can even provide pleasure for the user and her partner. We don’t carry female condoms, but we do have a wide variety of birth control pills. Chat with our team today about how you can get your first pack for only $15. Want to know more about the FC2 female condom? Keep reading.

Trojan BareSkin

When it comes to birth control, there are more options today than ever before.  But with so many choices out there, it isn’t easy for the average consumer to know where to start. That’s why Nurx™ is creating a series called “Birth Control FAQs,” where their goal is to empower consumers by answering the most frequently asked questions for each birth control type.  Want to know more about how IUDs work or common side effects from the patch? Nurx™ has you covered.

Though Nurx™ doesn’t offer condoms, we would love to get you started with us on the birth control pill that’s right for you, and at only $15 for your first pack, what’s not to love? If you’re curious to learn more about Trojan Bareskin, keep reading for some helpful information.

If you don’t want to deal with taking a pill daily or wearing a patch, condoms are a good means of birth control. Choose Trojan BareSkin if you’re searching for a more natural feel, as the thin latex material provides better skin-to-skin sensations.

Trojan Ultra Ribbed

Trojan Ultra Ribbed condoms provide pregnancy protection with a special reservoir end for increased safety. Deep ribs and an included lubricant make sex even more pleasurable. People today have plenty of options when it comes to birth control.  But with all of these options, from implants to patches, it’s no wonder consumers have a difficult time figuring out what works for them.  That’s why Nurx™ is developing a series called “Birth Control FAQs,” which aims to empower consumers by answering the most frequently asked questions for each birth control type.

Want to learn more about how the shot works or the most common side effects from getting a patch? Nurx™ has you covered. While we don’t offer condoms as birth control option, we would love to talk to you about providing you with the best birth control pill for you, for only $15 for your first pack.

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