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Levonest is a triphasic oral contraceptive, which means one package contains color-coded tablets with three different specific drug combinations of estrogen and progestin. Since the order of tablets is essential to the effectiveness of Levonest, it is important to take your medication in the correct order and at the same time every day.

Levonest primarily works to stop ovulation and to prevent fertilization and implantation. Levonest accomplishes this by thickening vaginal fluid to prevent sperm from reaching an egg (fertilization) and changing the lining of the uterus to keep an egg from attaching (implantation). Eggs that do not attach are safely passed out of the body.

Our team at Nurx™ can prescribe Levonest at special request, or we can offer the generic equivalent Trivora for as low as $0 with insurance or as little as $15 without insurance. Speak with us to discuss your options and find a medication that suits both your needs and your lifestyle.

Additional Details

  • Lighter periods
  • Less painful periods
  • Acne treatment
  • Convenient
  • Decreased incidence of PID
  • Decreased risk for ovarian cysts
  • 21 active + 7 inactive
Active Ingredients
  • Levonorgestrel (progestin) [0.50, 0.075,0.125 mg]
  • Ethinyl estradiol (estrogen) [0.030, 0.040, mg]
  • Impaired liver function
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Blood clots or blood clot disorders
  • Breast cancer
  • Hepatitis C
  • Women who smoke, especially women over 35





  • How Is Levonest Used?

    Each Levonest package contains 28 tablets taken by mouth at the same time each day. For maximum effectiveness, Levonest should be taken no later than 24 hours after the last dose. Levonest contains three different phases of medication:

    • Phase one: Six yellow tablets contain 0.050 mg progestin and 0.030 mg estrogen.
    • Phase two: Five green tablets contain 0.075 mg progestin and 0.040 mg estrogen.
    • Phase three: 10 brown tablets with 0.125 mg progestin and 0.030 mg estrogen.
    • Seven remaining tablets contain inert ingredients and serve as reminders.

    Store Levonest in a cool, dry, convenient place where you'll remember to take it every day. Your period will ideally occur while you are taking the seven inert tablets. Start the next pack of Levonest whether or not you have your period.

  • Is Levonest Easy to Get?

    Levonest is available at most pharmacies and requires a doctor visit for a prescription. The average retail cost of Levonest is $31 and may be covered by insurance. Consult with your insurance provider to see if your medication is covered and whether or not you have a copay.

  • What Precautions Should I Take Before Using Levonest?

    Since medications can make some conditions worse, it's wise to consult with your physician about your personal situation to see if Levonest is right for you.

    Women with hypertension are advised to consult with their doctor since oral contraceptives may increase the risk of elevated blood pressure. Levonest can also interfere with laboratory tests and results. If you have elective surgery or lab tests scheduled, postpone starting Levonest until your procedures are complete. Contact lens wearers may experience discomfort while taking Levonest, contact your vision specialist to discuss your options. Diabetic women are cautioned to check blood sugar regularly while taking Levonest and to monitor for increased glucose levels. Talk to your doctor if you suffer from migraines, since oral contraceptives may worsen headaches.

    Levonest may cause changes to skin pigmentation (melasma) for some women. Using sunblock or avoiding direct sunlight may help to reduce or prevent changes to skin pigment.

    Although allergic reactions are not common, seek medical attention if you develop a rash or swelling of the face or throat, or if you experience severe dizziness or difficulty breathing.

    Levonest does not protect against HIV or other sexually transmitted infections. When used correctly and consistently, Levonest is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

  • Are There Any Known Side Effects?

    As with any medication, side effects are fairly common. Most side effects diminish over time as your body adjusts to your medication. Speak with your doctor if side effects persist or worsen.

    Common side effects are reported as headache, bloating, and breast tenderness. Minor weight change might be experienced, but this is most likely due to fluid retention. Some side effects such as nausea and vomiting can cause adverse reactions by reducing the effectiveness of your medication. Fortunately, nausea and vomiting are usually alleviated by taking your medication at night or with a meal. Give your body some time to adapt to your medication and common side effects should dissipate.

    Serious reactions and side effects are rare and have been reported as sudden dizziness or fainting, pain or swelling in the groin, or shortness of breath. Talk to your doctor about symptoms that persist or have become a concern to discuss your contraceptive alternatives and options. Contact us here at Nurx to talk about non-hormonal contraceptives and the alternatives that might work better for you.

  • Can I Take Levonest With Other Medications?

    Women being treated for Hepatitis C are cautioned against using Levonest because it can interfere with Hep C medications and reduce their effectiveness. Combination oral contraceptives may elevate liver enzymes and interfere with Hep C treatment. Women are advised to complete Hep C treatment before starting oral contraceptives like Levonest.

    Women who are taking protease inhibitors may encounter interactions with Levonest. Some over-the-counter drugs like acetaminophen and supplements such as St. John's wort may reduce hormone levels and compromise the efficacy of Levonest. Tell your doctor about medications or supplements you're taking to determine if Levonest is right for you or to find a suitable alternative.

  • Can I Buy Levonest Online Through Nurx?

    We can prescribe Levonest at a special request. Talk to a member of our team here at Nurx to decide if Levonest is right for you and how you can get started with this medication.

  • How Long Would It Take to Deliver Levonest If I Bought It Online?

    If you decide to choose an alternative to Levonest, we strive to get your medication to you as soon as possible and free of charge. Generally, it takes about a week for your medication to arrive in a discreet, private package. If you'd rather not have your medication delivered to your home, you can opt for delivery to your local pharmacy where you can pick up your meds at your convenience. A special request order may take slightly longer.

  • Who Makes Lenovest?

    Levonest is manufactured by Novast Laboratories and packaged by Northstar Rx LLC.

  • Can I Breastfeed While Taking Levonest?

    It's not a good idea. While studies have shown that relatively small amounts of the drug can be found in breast milk, mothers are cautioned against using oral contraceptives while breastfeeding. Oral contraceptives have also been known to decrease milk production, which isn't best for baby. Contact the team here at Nurx to find a suitable alternative that keeps both you and your baby protected.

  • Can I Take Levonest If I'm Sensitive to Estrogen?

    You probably shouldn't. Women who are sensitive or allergic to estrogen have a lot of other options to choose from for their birth control rather than risk the complications from taking combination oral contraceptives. Contact us here at Nurx so we can recommend a progestin-only mini-pill that may be a better fit for estrogen-sensitive women.

  • Can Levonest Help With Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

    Yes it can! The hormone combination in Levonest thickens vaginal fluid to prevent sperm from reaching an egg. The additional benefit of this thick mucus is that bacteria are inhibited from reaching the uterus, fallopian tubes, or ovaries. When bacteria can't thrive, the causes of PID are reduced.

  • How Does Nurx Work?

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