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A vaginal birth control ring that lasts for an entire year, Annovera is the first FDA-approved long-acting birth control method that does not require a medical procedure. Annovera is a flexible, silicone ring that you insert into your vagina at home. It releases a steady dose of estrogen and progestin to prevent pregnancy.  After 21 days you remove Annovera, wash it and store it for 7 days, then reinsert it. You repeat this for 13 cycles. Our team at Nurx can prescribe Annovera for as low as $0 with insurance or $2000 without insurance.

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  • How does Annovera work?

    Annovera is a flexible, silicone ring that is inserted into the vagina and releases a steady dose of estrogen and progestin to prevent ovulation and pregnancy. You insert Annovera into your vagina yourself, and leave it in for 21 days. You then remove the ring, wash it and store it in a plastic case for 7 days. At that time you have a period or withdrawal bleed, then after 7 days you insert it again. The Annovera vaginal ring remains effective for 13 cycles.

  • Can you leave Annovera in for a year?

    Annovera is effective for a year, or for 13 cycles lasting 21 days each with a 7 day break between cycles, which is when you experience a period or withdrawal bleed. After each 7-day break you re-insert the Annovera ring for another 21 day cycle. Annovera has not been studied for continuous use and period skipping.

  • How much does Annovera cost?

    If you don’t have insurance, Annovera is expensive — around $2000 per year (or $167 per month). However, most insurance plans cover Annovera with $0 copay, and if you do have a copay it will probably be $20.

  • Does insurance cover Annovera?

    Most insurance plans cover Annovera, with a copay of $0-$20. However, you should contact your specific plan and ask whether they cover this type of birth control ring and, if so, what your copay would be.

  • How does Annovera compare to NuvaRing?

    The Annovera ring is bigger and thicker than NuvaRing. You must replace Nuvaring every month, but one Annovera ring lasts for an entire year. You do not need to refrigerate Annovera when it is not in use.

    In addition the hormones released by Annovera are different than those released by NuvaRing. Annovera contains a lower dose of estrogen (ethinyl estradiol) than NuvaRing. Annovera releases 13 mcg of estrogen per day and NuvaRing releases 15 mcg per day. The only birth control formula with a lower dose of estrogen than Annovera is the birth control pill Lo Loestrin FE, which contains 10 mcg of estrogen daily.

    Annovera contains a different type of progestin than NuvaRing. The progestin in Annovera is a new formula that may result in fewer side effects in comparison to the progestins found in other types of birth control.

  • What are some of the known side effects of Annovera?

    Overall, the side effects of Annovera are similar to those of other forms of hormonal birth control containing both estrogen and progestin. During a clinical trial of more than 2000 women using Annovera, the side effects that caused women to stop using Annovera included irregular bleeding, headaches, vaginal discharge, vaginal infections, and nausea. Each of these side effects was experienced by fewer than 2% of the women participating. In addition, 1.4% of the women stopped using Annovera because it didn’t stay put in their vaginas.

  • Does Nurx prescribe Annovera?

    Yes, Nurx prescribes Annovera. Just answer a few quick questions in our healthcare assessment to submit a request for Annovera.

  • Can I skip my period with Annovera?

    Using Annovera to skip your period by leaving the ring in your vagina longer than 21 days at a time, without a 7 day break, has not been studied and this is considered an “off label” use.

  • Can you use Annovera during sex?

    Annovera is designed to remain in during sex and should not interfere with sex in any way. However, if you prefer to remove Annovera during sex you can do so for up to two hours. If you leave Annovera outside of your body for longer than two hours you should use a back-up form of birth control for 7 days to prevent pregnancy.

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