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Quiz: Test Your Acne IQ

Assess your knowledge of the real causes of and solutions for acne by taking our dermatologist-approved quiz.

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Why Nurx Now Treats Acne

Real solutions for this common, stressful skin condition can be hard to find — and our medical team wants to fix that.

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6 Steps to Ditch Sexual Shame

If you feel ashamed about your desires, read sex educator Cassandra Corrado's good advice on getting over it and owning your pleasure.

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4 Facts About Women and HIV

On National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day our Director of Clinical Operations shares things too few women talk about when it comes to HIV.

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Acne Treatment Fact vs. Fiction

Make sure you haven't bought into any acne myths, and learn about the acne treatments that are backed by science.

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How to Deal with Maskne

One of the annoying things about mask-wearing: The pimples and skin irritation that may occur as a result.

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Meet Nurx NP Allison Palcsesz

This New Jersey-based medical provider has thoughts on what health things patients should (and shouldn't) stress about.

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What Your Trans Friend Wishes You Knew

Dominic Green opens up about what he thinks cis folks should know, and why a trans-inclusive world is a better world, for everybody

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How Do You Get Birth Control Online?

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Meet Medical Provider Caroline Stowe

She shares what to expect from migraine treatment with Nurx, why it's personal for her, and the best gift she ever received from a patient.

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Our Best Self-Love Advice

This Valentine's Day send love your way by following this advice from our medical team and favorite experts.

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Baby Making + Infertility Explained by an Expert

An OB-GYN and reproductive endocrinologist from Spring Fertility busts some myths and offers insights into making sure you can become a parent if and when you’re ready.

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5 Reasons You Need Real Migraine Medication 

You probably don't realize the big health, career, and relationship impacts of your headaches.

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4 Steps to Healthier Habits

If your New Year's resolutions never happened, it's not too late. Use these four proven strategies for personal change.

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Quiz: Do You Know Your Birth Control Options?

Pills, rings, IUDs — test your knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks of today's many birth control methods.

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3 Sex-Positive Resolutions for 2021 

Sex educator Cassandra Corrado recommends you start the year setting these goals for your sexual self.

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Generic Birth Control Explained

How is generic birth control different? And why do the same pills go by so many different names? Nurx OB-GYN Dr. Betty Acker explains.

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Nurx Launches in Connecticut

Now patients in CT can access birth control, migraine treatment, PrEP, STI testing and more from the safety and convenience of home.

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