Train Your Brain for Better Health

Our medical team recommends these mental health lessons based on principles that are proven to reduce anxiety and depression when combined with your medication.

Healthy thought patterns are essential to overall mental health.That may seem obvious, but what’s surprising is that positive mental habits can be learned — and we can help.

A large body of evidence shows that when treating depression and anxiety it’s most effective to employ both medication and training in cognitive behavioral techniques, and that using these modes of treatment in tandem is more effective relying on one alone.

That’s why we recommend our mental health patients complete three virtual care sessions based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Each self-directed educational session will help you develop healthy behaviors and tactics you can practice to enhance the effects of your mental health treatment plan.

How It Works


Review each session at your convenience.

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You can benefit from this education by learning at your own pace, in your own place.


Revisit the lesson and practice your new skills.

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We recommend you go through each lesson more than once, and complete the suggested exercises until a mental health habit becomes second nature.


Go deeper.

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Read one of our psychiatrist-recommended books or find a therapist who practices Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Relaxation 101

Letting go of stress is vital to mental and physical health. But if chilling out doesn’t come naturally to you, that’s okay — this skill can be acquired and mastered with some training. This module will guide you through proven relaxation techniques and help them become habits.

Image illustrating 'Relaxation 101'

Clean Up Your Thinking

To a large extent your thoughts control your feelings, so re-training your thought patterns can measurably improve your anxious or depressive symptoms. This module will introduce you to research-backed techniques for making positive thoughts more automatic.

Image illustrating 'Clean Up Your Thinking'

Turn Health Behaviors into SMART Goals

You probably already know that certain behaviors support your mental well-being and others . . . don’t, but it can be hard to stick with healthy habits. This module teaches you a science-backed strategy for setting, and reaching, goals that will help reduce your depressive or anxious symptoms.

Image illustrating 'Turn Health Behaviors into SMART Goals'

Take Control Today

Nurx also offers prescription medication for anxiety and depression. Connect with a medical provider online, from anywhere, for a personalized treatment plan, medication delivered, if medically appropriate, and ongoing support on your schedule.

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