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Who can use the anti aging service from Nurx?

People 18 and up, of all genders, who live in one of the states where Nurx operates can request anti-aging treatment through Nurx. Although we refer to this treatment as “anti-aging,” patients in their 20s and 30s can benefit from using retinoids too. Signs of photo-aging (skin damage related to sun exposure) can appear as early as one’s 20s, and getting started on retinoid therapy at that age can reverse and prevent further damage when combined with a diligent sun protection routine. People in their 40s and older who already have significant signs of photo-aging can still benefit from topical retinoid therapy. This treatment is safe to use long-term and is most effective when used consistently for years or even decades. Of note, individuals who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant should not use topical retinoids (prescription or over-the-counter).

Get Anti Aging Treatment At Home

Nurx offers prescription tretinoin cream to prevent and reverse fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots for $30 per month.

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