Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental health medication is more effective when combined with therapies that help you examine your thought patterns and reactions, and shift your mindset to one that supports mental health.

Below are several online resources to consider in conjunction with your mental health medication. These resources either connect you with a therapist or offer convenient digital support based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), one of the most evidence-based types of mental health treatment. Here are some examples:


The Nurx medical team recommends our mental health patients complete three virtual care sessions based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Each self-directed educational session will help you develop healthy behaviors and tactics you can practice to enhance the effects of your mental health treatment plan.

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The leaders in virtual therapy for more than a decade, Talkspace connects you with a caring licensed therapist for messaging therapy, scheduled online sessions, or a combination, with no wait. You’ll be matched with a therapist within about 48 hours and can begin sending text, voice, or video messages immediately over the private and secure Talkspace platform. If your first therapist isn’t a fit it’s easy to switch to a new one at no additional cost.

Talkspace is in-network with most major insurance plans. No insurance coverage? Take $100 off your first month with code NURX100.

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This app lets you share your thoughts, feelings and anxieties any time, day or night, with a chatbot that responds with evidence-based cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT) and makes you feel heard. If you have something to share with a live human, use Wysa to connect with mental health professionals through in-app chat sessions (available with a Premium membership).

Special Nurx offer: Get a 2-week free trial to Wysa Premium Digital. No credit card information or additional sign up is required to access the free trial.

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The Moodfit app puts the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy by your side all day every day, providing comprehensive and customizable tools to help you get insights into what brings you up or bogs you down, and guides you to incorporate evidence-based mental health practices into your everyday routine.

Special Nurx offer: Get a free 2 month subscription. Use the code NURX60.

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This comprehensive online directory can help you find a therapist who is in-network with your insurance plan, to put counseling within reach. Headway has a diverse community of 15,000+ mental health care providers, for in-person or virtual appointments. (Not available in all states)

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Grow Therapy

This technology-enabled mental health group aims to make therapy more affordable and accessible. Grow matches people with a therapist to meet the patient’s specific needs and lets you filter by your insurance plan, or pay out-of-pocket. (Not available in all states)

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The Bloom app empowers you to “be your own therapist” with daily videos that bring cognitive behavioral therapy to you.

Special Nurx offer: Use the code NURX40 for 40% off

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Psychology Today

To find a therapist or psychiatrist near you, or one who practices via teletherapy, search Psychology Today’s directory of vetted mental health professionals.

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Sesh is an easy-to-use mental health platform where you can explore online support groups led by licensed therapists. Whatever you’re dealing with, there’s a sesh for you, and you can join from wherever you're most comfortable.

Special Nurx offer: Use code NURXSESH for 3 months free

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Disclaimer: The above resources are provided for informational purposes only. Nurx and its affiliates in no way endorses, recommends or is otherwise affiliated with the companies listed above. Nurx does not assure that any of the resources listed above will fit your needs nor is the above intended to serve as a comprehensive list of cognitive behavioral treatment options. By selecting any of the resources listed above, you agree to such company’s or individuals’ terms and conditions, which are separate from that of Nurx. Nurx and its affiliates expressly disclaim any obligation or liability with respect to such terms and conditions or the use of any behavioral treatment resources listed above.

Your safety is so important to us.

If you are in emotional distress or thinking about hurting yourself at any point, please make use of these resources:

1. If you are experiencing a medical or mental health crisis, call 911 or go to your local emergency department.

2. The Crisis Text Line provides 24-hour free and confidential help. Text 'HOME' to 741-741 to connect with a counselor immediately.

3. You can call or text the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988 to talk with a live counselor 24 hours per day.

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