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Survey Says . . Birth Control Can Be Hard to Access

Survey Says . . Birth Control Can Be Hard to Access Image
Written by Nurx
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Celebrated annually on September 26th (that’s today!), World Contraception Day is dedicated to raising awareness of all of the birth control options available and advocating for increased access to safe and reliable contraception. This campaign takes a global perspective, but at Nurx we’re focusing on birth control access right here in the United States. Why? The hard truth is that many women in the US still face barriers to getting the birth control they need.

To understand the nature of these roadblocks, we surveyed more than 1000 Nurx patients, and learned that for a whopping 95% of them, roadblocks including cost, geography, and stigma stood in the way at some point before they found Nurx. For a deeper look at barriers to contraceptive access in the US, and how telehealth providers like Nurx can be a solution, see the story told by the statistics in our new infographic.


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