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Nurx Donates Birth Control to Women in Need

Nurx Donates Birth Control to Women in Need Image
Written by Nurx
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On World Contraception Day (and every day) Nurx recognizes that birth control is more than medication — contraception represents empowerment, because it gives women power over their own destinies by allowing them to control the decision of whether and when to become parents. 

We’re using this important day to acknowledge that not all American women have equal access to the empowerment birth control offers. Although we work every day to make birth control affordable and accessible, we recognize that paying for it may be a challenge for some — and could get even more difficult if new Title X restrictions lead to clinic closures.

To do our part to help fix this disparity we’ve partnered with the non-profit Bedsider to give free birth control for a year to qualifying women who are new to Nurx.

“Our pledge to provide low-income women with contraception is in direct response to recent legislation restricting women’s access to reproductive care,” says our CEO Varsha Rao. “As a company that is committed to reaching women whose health needs are not being met by the traditional healthcare system, it’s our responsibility to go above and beyond and drive awareness of this issue.”

If you are in significant financial need* apply for free birth control through our partnership with BC Benefits, a project of Bedsider and Power to Decide. 

*New patients only

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