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How to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Our infographic lays out the facts and stats you should understand to protect yourself and others.

How to Prevent Cervical Cancer Image
Written by Nurx
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January is Cervical Health Awareness Month, when women’s health experts, public agencies and nonprofits do an extra push to get people with cervixes the information they need to take care of themselves.

Cervical cancer is preventable and highly treatable if caught early, but it has few symptoms at first and can be deadly if not discovered in time. That’s why it’s essential to protect yourself with vaccination and regular screening. To spread the word about the state of cervical cancer in the United States and what you should do to protect yourself, we created a handy infographic for you to save for reference or share with friends.


The Nurx HPV Home Test Kit makes it super-convenient and cost-effective to screen yourself from home. We send you a vaginal swab test that takes less than 15 minutes (more like 5) to complete, you return it in a prepaid envelope to our partner lab, then we’ll be in touch within a week with results. If your test comes back negative you don’t need to be re-tested for 3-5 years. If we detect a dangerous strain of HPV we’ll refer you to in-person follow-up care.

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