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What Is The Treatment for HPV?

While there is no treatment for human papillomavirus (HPV), there are treatments available for anyone who develops conditions caused by the virus. The treatments depend on the health problem, which can include genital warts, precancerous or cancerous cells, and cervical cancer.

Genital Warts

Treatment for genital warts includes creams to boost immune response, topical resin to destroy wart tissue, or topical chemicals to burn away warts. If left untreated, warts may grow larger or increase in number, stay the same, or disappear entirely.

Precancerous and Cancerous Cells

The majority of women with abnormal Pap smear results, often caused by HPV, do not have cancer. However, precancerous or cancerous cells may be present. If such is the case, treatments for abnormal cervical cells include:

Get HPV Screening At Home

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  • Cryotherapy — a cold probe freezes and destroys abnormal tissue. This usually does not require anesthesia.
  • Laser therapy — a laser destroys abnormal tissue while the patient is under general anesthesia.
  • Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) — after numbing with a local anesthetic, a doctor uses an electrified loop to remove abnormal tissue.
  • Cold knife conization — a doctor uses a scalpel to remove abnormal tissue with the patient under general anesthesia.

Cervical Cancer

The most common treatments for cervical cancer are chemotherapy, radiation, or a combination of the two. The aggressiveness of treatment will depend on the stage of the disease. Early detection increases the likelihood of a full recovery or remission. We at Nurx™ can send you a Home HPV Screening test to help you with early detection. Simply request the kit, follow the instructions to collect your sample at home, and send it back using the prepaid package.

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