How Do You Get Birth Control Online?

Face it: many women don’t have the time, money, or desire to head to the doctor just because they want birth control. Or, they may not even live near a doctor or clinic where they can get a prescription. Fortunately, like most good things in life, there’s a solution for that — and it lets you skip the pharmacy and order your pills from the convenience of your home.

People have long had the luxury of being able to order other forms of birth control — condoms and spermicides — from the dim light of their computer screen. Now they can do so with prescription birth control.

What Is Nurx?

Nurx is a new kind of consumer health company that integrates a telemedicine app and website, pharmacy, and network of partner physicians. Nurx’s mission is to ensure everyone has access to affordable birth control, no matter where you live, how much you earn, or even whether you have health insurance.

Nurx not only delivers exceptional, personalized care, but also unlimited care – physicians are available to answer all of your questions, and help troubleshoot any problems you may run into.

Here, we explain the types of services Nurx offers, where those services are available, the process of getting a prescription, and how you can have your monthly birth control delivered directly to your mailbox.

What Nurx Offers

Nurx is an online medical provider that allows you to order birth control online without a trip to your doctor or a pharmacy. Whether you want birth control pills, emergency contraception, the patch, or the ring, they’ve got your back. They also even offer HIV-prevention medication PrEP.

Prescriptions are good for a year and are available after answering a few questions about your health history. You won’t even have to contend with the awkward video conferencing other companies insist upon.

And they do it all for a super-low price. Nurx offers over 50 birth control brands, many of which are generic and will only cost $15 per month if you’re paying without insurance. Moreover, your first pack is only $5 or zero co-pay. If you have insurance, they’ll also take care of billing as well, so you may have a completely free birth control prescription without ever leaving your living room.

The Process of Getting Your Pills

Nurx knows that convenience is one of your top priorities. That’s why they keep things as simple and straightforward as possible.

To request your birth control prescription, first, download the app or visit the Nurx homepage and click “Get Started.”

From there, you’ll need to:

  1. Choose the prescription you’d like or select the option to receive a doctor’s recommendation on which method might work best for you.
  2. Answer several health questions.
  3. Enter your demographic information and complete your order.

Voila! The Nurx medical professionals will examine your request and look over your health history. If you’re approved, a licensed medical provider will write the prescription. The Nurx team will fill and ship the prescription to you, for free. Nurx automatically refills and ships your prescription month to month.

How to Make Ordering a Cinch

Ready to sign up? Excellent! There are a few things we want to cover before sending you on your way.

First, it’s important to recognize the birth control pill isn’t for everyone.

There are several factors to consider, including that the risks of hormonal contraception increase for women age 50 and over. If you are older than 50, your regular doctor will be best suited to help you safely navigate your contraceptive needs.

If you are a smoker, have certain medical conditions, or are currently taking certain prescription medicines, we may advise you not to take the oral contraceptive, as well. Nurx offers a variety of options for birth control, and we’ll discuss these with you if your situation poses a concern.

Where Nurx Provides Services

Nurx is available to ~70 percent of the US population. And while Nurx isn’t available everywhere – yet! – because telemedicine laws differ between states, you can send an email to and you’ll be notified when Nurx is in your state.

What Next?

If you’re ready to take the next step in your health care and start ordering birth control pills online, visit Nurx and speak with a medical professional today.

For more information and to sign up, visit and follow us @nurxapp on Twitter and Instagram.

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