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The (Sorry) State of Sex Ed in the US

The (Sorry) State of Sex Ed in the US Image
Written by Nurx
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How did you learn about sex?  If you’re like too many Americans your sex education was haphazard, incomplete, and even incorrect. Sex talks between parents and kids are pretty much always awkward, often leading adults to drop the ball — but if they’re expecting schools to provide comprehensive sex education, that’s a mistake. Laws around Sex Ed in schools vary dramatically by state, and most of this instruction is insufficient, especially when it comes to topics like birth control and sexually transmitted infections. In many parts of the US Sex Ed class is no better today than it was when you were still figuring it all out.  

To put a focus on the problem of spotty and even harmful sex education, we created an infographic revealing stats from our survey of more than 1000 Nurx patients, and a look at the laws in the United States based on a report from the Guttmacher Institute. And to fill in gaps and give us the education we wish we’d received about sexuality and sexual health, we’ve launched a new blog series called Sex Ed for Adults!  Read the first two articles: 3 Top Sex Questions Answered, by sex educator Cassandra Corrado, and The Gender Identity Glossary, by sexuality and relationships expert Logan Levkoff, PhD.

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