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Are Progestin-Only Pills as Effective as Combination Pills?

When taken correctly, the progestin-only pills can be as effective as combination birth control pills, with a perfect use effective rate of around 97%. Progestin-only pills are typically prescribed to those looking for a birth control pill alternative to estrogen. This can be due to breastfeeding, adverse reactions to estrogen use, or maybe recommended by your doctor if you have high blood pressure or are at a higher risk for blood clots.

How to improve the effectiveness of a progestin-only pill?

When you are prescribed a progestin-only pill, such as Nora-Be or Errin, you will be advised to take it at the same time each day. Timing is more important than with combination pills and varying the times you take it each day, might result in an increased risk of pregnancy.

If three hours or more have elapsed since you were due for your progestin-only pill, take your missed dose immediately, but you might want to consider using a backup birth control method for the next two full days to allow the contraceptive to become optimally effective again. If you completely miss a daily dose, a backup method is recommended for a full week.

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