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What Is a Triphasic Birth Control Pill?

The triphasic birth control pill contains different doses of estrogen and progestin throughout the month. Every seven days, the ratio of the hormones changes. Some brands have a fixed dose of estrogen, and a varying dose of progestin, while others have varying doses of both estrogen and progestin. In general, the dose of the estrogen and progestin slightly increases each week.

Triphasic birth control pills have unique packaging. The pills for each week have a different color so that women know exactly which pill to take. The pills are taken for 21 days. The pills for the last 7 days contain only placebo.

How the Pill Works

The pill contains estrogen and progestin which trick our body’s system into believing that pregnancy has occurred. This, in turn, helps prevent real pregnancy. Triphasic birth control pills also reduce the risk of ovarian cysts, as well as regulate the menstrual cycle.

Effectiveness of Triphasic Pills

Triphasic pills have an effectiveness rate of 99%.  Keep in mind that this is true for all other hormonal combination pills, whether they are monophasic, biphasic or triphasic. The decision to choose triphasic pills is usually based on tolerance. Triphasic birth control pills are mostly used by women who cannot tolerate monophasic or biphasic pills. The risk of side effects with triphasic pills is lower because you only get the amount of hormones you need. Other than that, all three formulations of hormonal birth control pills are effective.

In order to be effective, the pills must be taken every day and at the same time. Some women may experience nausea, and that is why many take the pill with their dinner or at bedtime. The important thing is to be consistent about taking it so as to ensure its effectiveness.

Triphasic birth control pills are not recommended for women who smoke and are over the age of 35. Some well-known brands of triphasic birth control pills include Enpresse, Levonest, Triphasil-28, Trivora, Myzilra, and Triquilar ED.

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