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How do I update or add my blood pressure?

If you submit a prescription request without including your blood pressure reading we’ll send a message to your Nurx inbox asking for your blood pressure. Once you have your blood pressure reading you can enter the numbers directly into the message and they will be saved to your health profile.

If you’re not sure what your blood pressure is there are a couple of ways to get a reading. If you’ve had a physical in the past month call or message your physician’s office and ask what your numbers were. If you haven’t had a blood pressure reading lately many pharmacies provide machines that let you measure your blood pressure for a low cost. In addition, most local fire stations offer free blood pressure readings during certain hours. Use these links to search for a convenient blood pressure reading near you:

Pursuant Health
Safeway Pharmacy
Rite Aid

If you already have a prescription from Nurx and your blood pressure numbers have changed since you received your prescription, then message the Nurx medical team from your Nurx account and tell them your new blood pressure reading.

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