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What Are the Advantages of Using the Birth Control Patch?

The birth control patch has been around for many years and is an affordable, simple, and safe way to maintain birth control. Its main benefit is that it doesn’t need to be applied daily. Women only have to deal with it once a week and there is no additional stress of remembering to take the pill at the same time every single day. The other benefits of the birth control patch are the same as with any combination hormonal contraceptive. Some of these include:

  • Simple to use: The birth control patch can be worn on any part of the body, including the buttocks, upper arm, belly, chest, or back area. The patch has an adhesive and does not fall off easily. Women must apply the patch once per week for three weeks. There is no patch required in the fourth week.
  • Highly effective: The patch contains the hormones estrogen and progestin, which are slowly released into the body. The birth control patch has an effectiveness rate of 99% and will prevent pregnancy as long as it is used as directed. Women should change the patch on time every week, and they must wear it according to the instructions. Used correctly, the patch has the same high effectiveness as other combination hormonal contraceptive methods.
  • Reversible action: As soon as you remove the patch, you can get pregnant right away.
  • Lighter period: Women who use the birth control patch tend to have lighter periods and minimal cramps. Periods are also easier to predict when using the patch.
  • Reduced acne: Some women who have acne can benefit from the birth control patch, as it often makes the skin softer and minimizes acne.
Get the Birth Control Patch At Home

Nurx offers the birth control patch for as little as $0 with insurance or $180 per month without insurance.

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