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Q&A with Kentucky Provider Leanne Mays

Q&A with Kentucky Provider Leanne Mays Image
Written by Nurx
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Nurx has arrived in the Bluegrass State! As of this week our medical team can now prescribe birth control and PrEP to people in Kentucky, and offer at-home tests for HPV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  To share what Nurx has to offer for people in Kentucky (and in all of the states where we’re available) we talked to Leanne Mays, a Physician Assistant and member of the Nurx medical team who lives in London, KY. Leanne is an expert in women’s health and in the prevention and treatment of STIs.

How will Nurx be helpful to people in Kentucky?

As a Kentucky native, I am so excited about Nurx expansion to my state! In the rural areas of Kentucky patients can have difficulty accessing care for sensitive health issues. They face barriers such as transportation, cost and stigma. Nurx can reduce, and often eliminate, these barriers in an inclusive, non-judgmental, and compassionate manner. I have worked in rural clinics where patients have walked several miles on a busy highway or rode an ATV to their appointment. I have had patients reschedule their appointment multiple times due to lack of transportation. They were often choosing between feeding their families, paying their electric bill, and accessing healthcare. Nurx will provide our Kentucky patients with access to high quality and cost-effective birth control, STI care, and Truvada for PrEP, from their computers or via an app on their phones. You will be cared for by a team of healthcare providers who are experts in their fields. We truly love what we do and are dedicated to expanding access to care. 

“Particularly in small towns, patients may fear discussing sensitive health issues. The receptionist or nurse may go to their church, or their kids may be in the same class.”

What should people know about health tech services like Nurx?

That technology can allow healthcare providers to truly meet patients where they are. The barriers of time and place are essentially eliminated. Patients can access care when they need it, and take more control over their healthcare. They can go online and complete the consultation with very minimal disruption to their day. They can feel assured that a qualified healthcare provider is on the other side of the screen reviewing their health information with the same care they would in a traditional clinic. We review the patients’ medical information and utilize this information, in conjunction with evidence-based guidelines, to help the patient choose the right contraceptive option for them. We follow the same thorough process for patients seeking PrEP and STI care.

How did you first hear about Nurx?

I have been part of the Nurx healthcare provider team for over a year.  However, my first encounter with Nurx was as a patient. I had been working as a travel Physician Assistant and had no time to return home to KY for an office visit with my OB/GYN for a birth control refill. Ironically, I was working in a Health Department at the time, providing contraceptive care to my patients. I had seen an online news article about Nurx and decided to check the service out. I was so impressed with the thoroughness and efficiency of the process, along with the company mission, that I decided to apply for a job and here I am today! It is fulfilling to know that I can help other patients overcome the obstacles that I had in accessing birth control.  

“Nothing embarrasses us, so don’t be afraid to discuss ALL of your health concerns. Trust me, we have seen and heard it all!”

What are the types of things patients tell you through Nurx that they are reluctant to tell an in-person provider? 

In general, I find that patients are more open in discussing their sexual health and STI risks than they are in person. Particularly in small towns, patients may fear discussing sensitive health issues. The receptionist or nurse may go to their church, or their kids may be in the same class.  I have had patients travel an hour or more to see me at a health department, outside of their town, for this very reason. Nurx can remove this barrier by providing a safe, secure, and non-judgmental platform for patients to be open and honest about their health. 

What’s something that patients are often embarrassed about, but shouldn’t be?

The most difficult subject for patients to bring up is often related to rectal and bowel problems. Please don’t wait to discuss these issues with us, as these symptoms could be indicators of serious problems like Colorectal cancer. Don’t worry if you don’t know the correct medical terminology. Tell us in your own words (or write it down). Nothing embarrasses us, so don’t be afraid to discuss ALL of your health concerns. Trust me, we have seen and heard it all! Plus, we have also been the ones sitting on the exam table discussing uncomfortable health topics with our own healthcare providers. Just know that we are professionals and will do everything within our power to preserve your dignity and privacy.  

What do you wish people in Kentucky knew about their health?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We want our patients to be active participants in the decision-making process. The healthcare system can sometimes be confusing and complex.  We are here to advocate for you and truly care about your health. Ask why a test is being done and what the results mean. Ask questions about your diagnosis and symptoms. Get copies of all your results. We want you to walk away with the knowledge you need to make the best choices possible for your health.  If you are a Nurx patient, feel free to message us anytime you have a question or concern. We are here for you day and night (even on weekends and holidays)! 


Learn more about how to get birth control online in Kentucky,  request PrEP, or order at-home STI or HPV tests.

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