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“How Nurx Solved My Acne Struggle”

5 real patients share the prescription acne treatments that transformed their skin.

“How Nurx Solved My Acne Struggle” Image
Written by Nurx
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Since Nurx began treating mild and moderate acne earlier this year we’ve heard from so many patients that having access to real medical care for this stubborn skin condition has been no less than life-changing. Even with science-backed prescription treatment acne often takes a while to resolve (and doesn’t always go away entirely) but finding the right treatments and sticking with them makes a huge difference. To illustrate how acne treatment journeys vary from person to person we thought we’d share the stories of five real Nurx acne patients (and we saved the best for last, so read until the end!).

Rocio, 27

“I have never had super-serious skin issues but always had hormonal breakouts here and there, and when you aren’t used to it then having pimples then one thing on your face is really bothersome. Plus my breakouts could be really painful! I’d learned that there was a medication for hormonal breakouts specifically, called spironolactone, and my Nurx medical provider confirmed that it would be a good option for me to try. I started in June and it’s been amazing, it took care of the entire issue, no more deep painful acne —it took my skin from pretty great to its greatest.”

Alvin, 30

“I’ve had acne all my life since I was a teenager. It’s become more manageable but got bad again during the pandemic—the added stress of the pandemic made it worse I think, because I definitely break out when I’m stressed. When I started Nurx I took the antibiotic doxycycline for a couple of months, which really cleared things up, and now I use tretinoin to keep it under control. I definitely have noticed a big change in my skin.”

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Laura, 22

“I had great skin all through high school, I didn’t even wash my face! But I went through puberty late, at 18, then all of a sudden my skin was like ‘by the way, you have acne now!’ and it totally caught me off guard. I went to a dermatologist in person and they just told me to use a toner, but that completely stripped my skin and made my acne worse. My chin was my big issue, and now that I have a computer job I spend so much time with my hands on my hairline that I had pimples there too. I found one medication that worked but then my insurance company was going to charge $700 for it, so luckily I found Nurx and have used it for 3 months and my acne has totally disappeared.  I have had maybe one whitehead, that’s it! I use the topical tretinoin at night and take spironolactone morning and night. I’m overjoyed at the results, and love that insurance pays for it.”

Colin, 21

“During COVID and having to wear masks all the time my skin got bad. I had tried online skincare brands but nothing would work consistently—using Nurx was kind of my last ditch effort. I use the clindamycin and tretinoin topical treatments and it’s been working well. Having bad acne can really put you in  a bad place—having something that can fix it has been great!”

Michele, 44

“Ever since I had my son ten years ago my acne has been bad and was really painful — I’ve had deep deep acne ever since I was pregnant. I had been to dermatologists but nothing would take. I turned to Nurx and the regimen they prescribed me is so much simpler than what I was doing . Before Nurx I was seeing an esthetician and using vitamin C, washing, creams, oxygen masks, all these products. My Nurx medical provider prescribed spironolactone as an oral medication, and for topicals I use benzaclin in the morning and tretinoin at night. I’d tried spironolactone before but my Nurx provider upped the dose.  Within a few weeks the pain went away and within a few months my skin just drastically changed. With the change in my skin I totally gave my groove back. I had gained weight during COVID and when my skin got better I started working out more and eating better— it was a perfect way to have a fresh start after the pandemic. My clear skin uplifted me and motivated me to better myself even more. This was the catalyst. My work meetings are on Zoom now and before I would be reluctant to turn the camera on, but now I feel more comfortable turning the camera on since my skin is better. It’s no exaggeration to say that Nurx changed my life!”


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