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Meet Kristine Cooley

This Nurx medical provider shares her health advice for the Nurx community and reveals how acne treatment with Nurx works.

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Written by Nurx
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When you submit a request for treatment through Nurx, Kristine Cooley may be the medical provider who replies to create your treatment plan. This APRN (Advanced Practice RN) has a Masters Degree in nursing and provides prescription skincare as well as care for sexual health needs like STI testing. When she’s not taking care of Nurx patients Kristine is caring for her two teenage boys alongside her husband of 22 years, a US Air Force veteran, at their home outside of Tampa. Kristine love trips to Disney and spending time with her extended family. Kristine knew she wanted to be a medical provider as early as age 5, when she watched her mother, a nurse, care for people and thought “This is what I want to do with my life,” and now she does it!  Read on to hear Kristine’s insights on skincare, sexual health and what she wishes all patients knew. 

What do you wish every patient knew about taking care of themselves?

You have to take care of yourself. No one else is going to care for you than you! We get so busy taking care of everyone else, while also working, going to school or whatever else — but your health has to be a priority in your life! 

What health advice would you give your younger self if you could? 

Wear more sunscreen, enjoy the little things, journal, save more money, don’t take anything for granted. 

Get Prescription Skincare At Home

Nurx offers prescription treatment for acne, anti aging, melasma, rosacea, and eyelash growth.

What are the most common sexual health myths or misconceptions you hear?

That birth control leads to infertility, that emergency contraception is an abortion, and that the pull-out method or oral sex prevent STIs — none of these things is true!

At Nurx you often focus on treating acne and other prescription skincare needs. What are some things people should know about their skin?

First of all, acne often doesn’t stop when you’re an adult — I know this from personal experience unfortunately, as well as from my medical practice. If you experience acne that impacts your happiness or self-esteem don’t assume it will just suddenly go away with time or with the next drugstore purchase. A prescription treatment plan may be necessary, and will make all the difference. On the other hand, people may think that anti-aging treatments like tretinoin are only for older people, but you can begin using it in your 20s before signs of aging even appear.

And it’s important to realize that skin cancer, even melanoma, the deadliest kind, can affect people at any age, not just older people. Melanoma awareness is personal for me because my mother is currently battling stage 4 melanoma. Get those moles checked!

What do you like about providing prescription skin care?

Nowadays with social media, it may feel like looks are more important than ever, unfortunately. That is hard for many people. Having dealt with acne personally and as the mom of teenagers, I know how difficult it can be on a person. So Nurx has the ability to positively affect many lives, and I love that! It is amazing that treatment is available at patients’ fingertips through Nurx.

How long does it typically take patients to figure out the skincare treatment plan that works for them?

Every patient’s skin is different. Plus, it depends on the severity of what we are treating. I tell patients it takes at minimum 3 months to see how their skin is going to respond to the new treatment regimen. Clearing skin, unfortunately can be a slow process; however, the results are worth it!

How do you help patients figure out the right skin regimen?

Every patient’s regimen is prescribed for their specific skin issues. I take into account their age, if they have used any other medications in the past, allergies, any other medications they are on, or any other health concerns. Plus, some patients request specific medications, but what they think they want might not be what will be best for them. So, we have a dialogue about that.

What do you think patients worry too much about?

That the medical provider is judging them. We don’t! This is our passion, we love to help people and would rather you ask the question than be embarrassed and worry about it. 

What do you think patients worry too little about?

I think patients now don’t worry enough about sexually transmitted infections. STIs are at an all time high. I see many patients are embarrassed to talk about STIs. They should not be! We are here to help patients. We have heard and seen it all. Don’t be afraid to bring up any question or concern you have about STI testing — plus, you won’t see us in person! 

What are the types of things patients tell you through Nurx that they are too scared or shy to tell an in-person provider? 

People are afraid to talk about issues “down there” and you should not be! It can be a lot easier to message a medical provider at Nurx about discharge, etc when you are not “talking” to a person in real life. I love helping people get over their fears and educating them as well!

What do you wish more people knew about telemedicine?

Telemedicine is here to stay. The medical provider you see through telemedicine is just as invested in you as much as if you saw a medical provider in person. Telemedicine is safe, convenient, and at your fingertips!




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