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The Online Workouts We Love

Has the coronavirus disrupted your fitness routine? Team Nurx shares some of our favorite home exercise solutions.

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Written by Nurx
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Healthy habits are just that, habits, and when yours are disrupted — say, by a global pandemic — you might find yourself slipping out of your usual fitness routine. But even though you can’t go to the gym, take a yoga class or meet up with your running buddies, you do have some very good options for staying fit at home. In fact, the need to switch up your workout routine by limiting it to your living room, might offer a change to discover a new type of exercise you love, or strengthen a part of your body you’ve been neglecting. Here are some of the online exercise and fitness resources that team Nurx relies on to stay healthy from home.

Yoga with Adriene 

Whether you have an hour or only 5 minutes, Yoga with Adriene has a stretching, strengthening routine for you (free on YouTube). Choose among classes for beginners, for pain relief, weight loss, mindfulness and more. (“She also has a cute dog Benji who comes into the yoga sessions!” says one fan from our Nurx fam.)

Peloton App 

No bike, no problem! In addition to their indoor cycling classes, Peloton also offers classes that can be done from home without clipping in. Think HIIT, Bootcamp, Yoga, Strength, Dance Cardio, Outdoor Running and Walking, Meditation, and Stretching. Live classes are still being offered from their studio plus they have a massive library of recorded classes. They’re currently offering a free 90-day trial, and after that the cost is $12.99 per month.  

Debbie Allen Dance Academy 

The dance school run by legendary dancer/actor/director/producer Debbie Allen offers a full schedule of Zoom-based dance classes for just a $3 donation. Always wanted to try Tap? Curious about Latin Fusion, Flamenco, Hip Hop or Classical Ballet? This is your chance to learn from industry pros without any in-person shame if your moves are less than masterful. She also offers occasional dance classes on Instagram Live.

Nike Training Club App 

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Nike is offering their subscription service NTC premium for free. Top trainers have designed workouts for whatever you’re into (Strength, Cardio, Yoga), and whatever your situation allows — whether you have a set of home workout equipment or nothing but your furniture. There are options for all fitness levels. 

Resistance Bands

You don’t need a full set of gear to get or stay fit. Resistance bands take up no space and help with strength training from home. You can find free band-based workouts online, on YouTube, PopSugar, Greatist, Redefining Strength, and Trainiac.

Olympic Rings

Olympic rings are another simple, space-saving workout tool, one that our own Dr. Nancy Shannon uses and recommends. You can order the rings online and learn how to use them with online tutorials. Soon you’ll be doing push-ups, pull-ups, core strengthening . . . and maybe even channeling Simone Biles by the time you finally leave the house again.

SWEAT with Kayla Itsines Fitness

This app claims the honor of  “the largest fitness community of women worldwide” and offers workout options for any fitness level or goal. Many of the workouts are designed to be done entirely at home, and while it’s not free, SWEAT does offer a free trial

Pocket Yoga 

This illustrated yoga app (which costs $3) features routines in multiple styles of yoga, degrees of difficulty, and practice lengths. If you don’t understand a pose you can deep dive into it to make sure you’re doing it right, on your own schedule.


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