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Are There Home Remedies That Treat UTIs?

Home remedies such as drinking cranberry juice and taking probiotics can help treat mild urinary tract infections (UTIs). However, antibiotics are the fastest and easiest treatment for these infections.

Why Use Home Remedies

Some people prefer taking home remedies rather than antibiotics to avoid perpetuating antibiotic resistance or because they have reactions to antibiotics. Home remedies are most likely to be effective against mild UTIs that haven’t spread to the kidneys or other parts of the body. Home remedies can also be useful when used along with antibiotics.

Home Remedies for UTIs

If you have a mild UTI, some home remedies might help your body fight the infection. These include:

  • Drinking cranberry juice. Study results are mixed as to whether cranberry juice is an effective UTI treatment. However, it might prevent bacteria from attaching to and infecting the urinary tract’s walls.
  • Staying well-hydrated. Because the urinary tract is responsible for removing waste and excess water from the body, drinking plenty of water might help expedite that process and flush out the bacteria.
  • Peeing frequently. If possible, urinate whenever you have the urge. Doing so also helps flush the bacteria from your urinary system before they have a chance to infect it.
  • Taking probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria you can take in supplement form to fight the harmful bacteria.
  • Taking vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps boost immunity and prevent infection.

Researchers recently found that a combination of cranberry juice, probiotics, and vitamin C might help clear UTIs.

The Importance of Antibiotics

Antibiotics remain the gold standard therapy against UTIs and can cause symptoms to go away within just a few days. They effectively kill the bacteria that cause the infection. You’ll need to see your healthcare provider to get a diagnosis and prescription for these medications.

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