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What Is the Treatment for a UTI?

You can treat urinary tract infections (UTIs) quickly and easily with antibiotics prescribed by a Nurx medical provider. Sometimes the infection will clear up on its own, but most of the time you’ll need to take medication to prevent it from spreading and becoming more serious.

How Do You Know You Have a UTI?

You might have a UTI if you experience symptoms such as:

  • Pain or burning when peeing.
  • A strong and frequent urge to urinate, even if not much pee comes out.
  • Cloudy or foul-smelling urine.
  • Lower abdominal pressure.
  • Feeling shaky, weak, or tired.
  • Fever.

Treating UTIs

To cure a UTI, a Nurx provider will prescribe you antibiotics to kill the bacteria. While symptoms typically disappear with a day or two after starting treatment, you should still finish the entire dose to fully treat the infection.

Some people try at-home remedies to treat their UTIs, including drinking lots of water, drinking cranberry juice, taking probiotics, and taking vitamin C. Antibiotics, however, remain the gold standard therapy.

Dealing With Recurring UTIs

Women who experience UTIs three or more times a year might require a different course of treatment, such as:

  • Taking a daily low-dose antibiotic for at least six months.
  • Taking a dose of antibiotics after having sex, if sex triggers an infection.
  • Taking antibiotics for two or three days as soon as symptoms appear.

Regardless of whether your UTI is a standalone infection or a recurring event, it’s important to get treated right away and to follow the dosing instructions properly to avoid a more serious infection.

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