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Do I need a physical or pelvic exam before getting a birth control prescription?

The CDC guidelines specify that neither a physical nor pelvic examination is necessary before initiating contraceptives. One of the requirements prior to initiating a contraceptive, according to the CDC, is a recent blood pressure, which you have provided and a prescriber has evaluated along with the rest of your reported medical history. Based on this and the other conditions, or lack thereof, that we asked you about in your survey, your physician can prescribe a form of contraceptive, that should be safe for you to receive through Nurx. This is why it is vital that you share relevant health information with us, and do not withhold information, even if you think it may keep you from getting the medication you requested. We need to be able to accurately assess your health history in order to determine if a birth control method is safe for you. We still recommend that you have routine follow up care with your regular physician. We are not aiming to replace those physicians, they are necessary to keep you healthy. However, we do not feel that these visits should be a barrier to accessing contraception or PrEP.

Get Birth Control At Home

Birth control from Nurx costs as little as $0 with insurance or $15 per month without insurance.

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